Thursday, 11 August 2011

Spaceform glass gifts, tokens and keepsakes

Spaceform glass gifts are stylish, modern gift ideas, to send messages of love, thanks or beautiful keepsakes  as a permanent reminder of a special day.
Spaceform glass blocks are beautiful contemporary gifts, designed with thought and hand-made with care.The spaceform glass gift tokens come with various messages and are supplied in a contemporary white gift box.
Soul Mate spaceform glass gift token

Perfect for almost any celebration or occasion, or just to show someone you care.
You can choose to give a token to your soul mate, a friend, family members, or even as an everlasting greeting, a beautiful alternative to a traditional greetings card.

If you're already planning your Christmas shopping, Three Little Bears currently has a sale on some of the Spaceform Christmas tokens, but hurry, they are sure to sell out fast!

Spaceform glass gift token, Bride and Groom
Are wedding bells in the air?
If you are about to get married, or are attending a wedding, Spaceform gift tokens are a beautiful way to remember the big day.
Gorgeous gifts that people will treasure, either to say thank you to your Bridesmaids, your Usher, the Best Man, or give a lasting gift to your proud parents so they can treasure the memories of your big day.
Perhaps you'd like to congratulate the Bride and Groom?
This Spaceform Glass gift token is made up of two love hearts etched in the glass, bonded together forever with the words Bride and Groom.

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