Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Beautiful Plush Blue Nose Friends New In

Limited Edition Ripple
With her majestic charm and sleek good looks, we are certain she was never an ugly duckling.
Ripple the Swan from My Blue Nose Friends is one of the latest Blue Nose Friends plush collectible characters in stock.
Ripple the Swan has a beautifully soft, plush body.
The Blue Nose Friends love Ripple because she's so graceful and loves doing things her way. She always sticks her neck out for her friends though.
With her stunning grace, elegant Swan beauty and special edition status she's sure to fly out of the door in no time!

He looks a little Goofy in a cuddly, cute Beaverish way and he loves to get his teeth into everything!
Me to You My Blue Nose Friends Buck The Beaver is a new addition at Three Little Bears.
Koodoo needs cuddles!
Buck the Beaver is a 4 inch tall collectible plush cuddly toy with a little blue nose, huge Beaver teeth, just don't let him live in your tree house! He does love to chew!

Oh just look at little Koodoo the Antelope! It's so unusually to see her sitting so still, she rises to every challenge and can leap higher than any of the other Antelopes, she's a dynamic little character with a gorgeous soft, plush patchwork body, little blue nose and magnificent pink antlers, Koodoo is  a unique and highly lovable little cuddly!

It's not quite spring yet, but the mild winter has brought us an early surprise, little Nutmeg the Squirrel from My Blue Nose Friends is a compulsive hoarder, so if you lose anything Nutmeg is sure to be able to help you find it with her super Squirrel senses and sensitive little blue button nose, she is such a cutie with her delicate features and luxurious Squirrel tail, why not invite her home to snuggle with you before the next chilly snap?
Yabber the Chatterbox

Now, if we can just get a word in edge ways we would like to introduce you to Yabber the Duckbilled Platypus from Me to You Blue Nose Friends.
He's a unique little cuddle puss with features all of his own.
Yabber the Platypus has a knack of talking his way out of any situation, certainly a fun friend to have around.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Roses are Red Violets are Blue Celebrate Your Love With Me to You

I bring you Roses
Romance is in the air as lovers everywhere prepare to celebrate one of the most romantic days of the year.
St Valentines day is just around the corner and there is still plenty of time to buy gifts and cards for your loved ones.
Tatty Teddy is holding a bunch of silky roses in his cuddly little paws.
An adorable 16 inch tall cuddly plush Tatty Teddy Bear carrying a message on his bouquet that says "With Love From me to You".

Equally as huggable with a message for your partner is the 7 inch tall Me to You Tatty Teddy Bear holding a red heart with the words "Special Boyfriend".
For Someone Special
Alternatively the very same lovable Tatty Teddy Bear from Me to You is available holding a love heart with the message "Special Girlfriend". The heart is decorated at the top with a little red bow, a romantic gift that will be treasured forever.

As a surprise or mystery gift for someone you secretly admire, or perhaps you have been waiting for that right moment to let someone know just how special they are to you, Me to You Tatty Teddy holding a huge heart with the words "someone special" makes it easy to let them know, Tatty Teddy is so lovable, how could they refuse?
Tatty Teddy with the Someone Special Heart sits at 20 inches tall, a beautiful large plush Tatty Teddy Bear that comes with years of cuddles!
You're the Queen of my Heart
A beautiful, boxed special edition Tatty Teddy Bear wearing a little tiara or crown made from a series of different size love hearts is holding a large heart tied with a red ribbon with the words "Queen of My Heart"
This gorgeous Tatty Teddy Bear From Me to You is just one of a huge collection of Me to You Tatty Teddy Bears Gifts and Cards for Valentines Day.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Simon's Cat Has Just Strolled In!

I'm cute and cuddly
Simon's Cat, the online cartoon sensation is now available for you to own. A must-have gift for all cat lovers and fans of the mischievous little cartoon cat that terrorises Simon daily with his fun antics!

Unlike the Internet legend, your very own cuddly white cat will not create the havoc you see on you tube.
Cat owners everywhere can relate to the funny sketches involving Simon and his cat, as the cat takes over his life with such a sweet and innocent manner that only a cat can.
At Three Little Bears Simon's Cat has so far, been very well behaved and not harassed Tatty Teddy or the Blue Nose Friends, although Snugs is not looking too happy and is hiding in her sandbox, poor little Chinchilla!

Simon's Cat is available as a beautiful large plush toy with a soft and cuddly body, and is looking for a lap to curl up on and call his own, a wonderful gift for any occasion. He sits at 10 inches tall and will not bring home any special gifts, or wake you up in the middle of the night demanding food!
Take me with you
A quiet and cuddly companion unlike our other cuddly Simon's Cat Character, with a little chip in his paw this little white cat will meow and chirrup on demand.
 Those of you familiar with the many ways Simon's Cat makes his demands will know and love the noises this wonderful plush character makes. A fun way to wake someone up in the mornings!

Simon's Meowing and Chirruping little cat would be a wonderful gift for Valentines day, a fantastic gift for anyone that knows and loves Simon's Cat!

I'm no trouble at all...
If you would prefer to take your little Simon's cat with you everywhere you go, now you can with the wonderful, slightly startled looking Simon's Cat Plush Keyring. Highly collectible and totally adorable, how could anyone resist this little cats charm?

Simon's Cat is looking for cuddles, just look at that innocent little face, what possible mayhem could one little cat cause?

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Beautiful Valentines Bears and Gifts from Me To You

I Love You This Much!
I Love You This Much! Tatty Teddy is a giant plush bear with a very special message for the one you love.
A super-soft and super-cuddly collectible character with a string of five hearts between his paws and an extra large cuddly body this Beautiful Blue Nose Bear is sure to win the heart of any admirer!

This huge Me to You Tatty Teddy Bear is 28 inches tall, holding his huge loving message on a banner of hearts he is the perfect gift for Valentines Day!

I followed my heart, and it brought me to you.
How about a romantic breakfast in bed to start the day? Serve boiled eggs in our special Me to You "Love You" Egg Cup and Cosie gift set, a cute and memorable way to start the day, each Egg Cup is decorated with Tatty Teddy snuggled up to a huge read love heart, with the words "I Love You", the matching Egg Cosies are bright red with lots of little white love hearts.

Sketchbook Love Cushion
Served with tea or coffee in our gorgeous Me to You Double Love Mugs with the romantic verse " I followed my heart... and it brought me to you." It's a perfect way to start Valentines day.
Add little Me to You Love Messages around the house with sweet romance or saucy messages to keep that loving feeling going all day long.

At Three Little Bears we have a Valentines Gift Shop dedicated to lovers everywhere, with gifts, tokens of love, Valentines Cards, Gifts, Teddies, Novelties and Collectibles with Love from Me to You

Friday, 20 January 2012

Bath Treats That Look Good Enough To Eat

Dark Heart Bath Blaster
Satisfy your sweet cravings with a luxurious soak in a bath bursting with the rich scents from essential oils with Bomb Cosmetics Bath Bombs, Blasters, Creamers and more!
Looking good enough to eat, you can create a mouth watering display in your bathroom with one of our Bomb Cosmetics cake shaped Bath Treats.

The Dark Heart Bath Blaster is a fruity blackcurrant blaster, piped with a Cocoa and Shea Butter swirl to moisturise your skin.
It also includes Blackcurrant seed oil, and pure Patchouli essential oil to help stimulate and enliven. Just drop your blaster into a bath of warm water and watch as it fizzes, releasing its perfume and essential oils, while the Bicarbonate of Soda softens the water.

The Fields of Joy Bath Mallow looks like a rich cream cake decorated with iced flowers, but it's just a tease for the taste buds and a tantalising bath soak with it's luxurious essential oils and cocoa and Shea butters to sooth your skin. It also has a complex blend of natural aromas including Chamomile, Frankincense combined with soft florals. Let's wander slowly through the fields, I'll guide you to the fields of joy. Our troubles slowly fade away, so hold your hand inside my hand, and let the pure Ginger and Mandarin oils sensually relax and soothe you.
Love Buds Bath Mallow

Romance is in the air with the Bomb Cosmetics Love Buds Bath Mallow its relaxing, herbal notes of soothing chamomile and warming ginger lead through to a heart of fresh eucalyptus and classic lavender, highlighted by thyme, spicy black pepper and cedar wood.
Tickle your bath buds with this sensuous, relaxing Bath Mallow dripping with Cocoa and Shea Butter to moisturise and nourish. We have also blended Rose and Lavender essential oils to relax.

Looking like a melt in the mouth Pavlova is the Velvet Underground Bath Blaster, a creamy, powdery floral rose fragrance with woody and musky base notes.
Go underground with a clean yet sultry scent, topped with pure cocoa and Shea butter piping, to moisturise and smooth. Mixed with pure jasmine and lavender essential oils to sooth, smooth and move!

Strawberry Mini Muffin
With a delicious medley of warming fruit notes, blackberry, strawberry and blackcurrant heart, and hints of baked and apple and pear. This Strawberry Mini Muffin is perfection in pink.
Inhale aromatic fragrances and let them permeate your entire being, as skin nourishing cocoa butter blended with essential oils help liberate your potential.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

A Brand New look for Three Little Bears

A Brand New look for Three Little Bears

Three Little Bears has had a site overhaul, to coincide with the new year we've had a complete site revamp

what do you think? we think it's great


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Me to You Collectible Magnetic Gifts

Tatty Teddy Dress Up Magnets
Whether you stick them on your fridge, radiators or have a special board for displaying your magnet collection, we are sure you'll love our Me to You range of collectible and fun magnets.
Ideal to give as gifts or to add to your own personal collection.
Have fun with Tatty Teddy Dress Up Magnets, we all know how much Tatty teddy loves dressing up, and now you can help him with this fun magnet set.

Tatty Teddy has Bed clothes, slippers and a night cap, or his winter day clothes with a scarf, hat and a bag, there are also little extras, a hot water bottle and a wrapped gift.

I love you!
Tatty Teddy is all ready for Summer in the Me to You Tatty Teddy Ice Lolly Magnet, with his cool yellow sunshades and striped fruity ice lolly Tatty Teddy looks ready to hit the beach!

He's carrying a large load, but I don't think it's much of a burden, as Tatty Teddy looks quite content as he carries a huge heart on his back on this special 3D Tatty Teddy Love Heart Magnet, decorated with little hearts and the words I love you. A perfect small gift for someone special, just the right size to slip inside a Valentines or Birthday card as an extra little gift.

Tatty Teddy wants to tell you you make him smile, he's carrying a huge pink flower in this cute Tatty Teddy You Make Me Smile Magnet, with Tatty on your fridge, he will be making you smile every day of the week!
You are a Star!

Holding a massive 5 point yellow star above his head, Tatty Teddy has a very special message for that person that lights up your life in the Me to You Tatty Teddy You're A Star Collectible Magnet, just look as the sweet face on the patchwork Tatty Teddy Bear, he's irresistible and knows it!

With no message other that a simple kiss signed, "T" Tatty Teddy sends his love with the beautiful summer themed collectible fridge magnet, Tatty Teddy Pink Butterfly Magnet features Tatty with a pink Butterfly and a little blue flower.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Luxury Bath Time Gifts from Bomb Cosmetics

Love in Vegas
Soothing bath time bliss in a box is a quick summary of these luxury bath products from Bomb Cosmetics.

The pretty packaged gift boxes are perfect gifts for Birthdays, Mothers Day, Valentines Day and Christmas.
They would also be ideal gifts for new Mothers.

Bomb Cosmetics are also available separately so you can create your own gift box with a wider range of products.

 Hearts Desire Bath Creamer from Bomb Cosmetics is a sophisticated, sensual fragrance incorporating Pomegranate, Lotus Blossom and Black Orchid accords over an amber, mahogany base, all wrapped up in a white ball decorated with red and pink hearts.

The Love in Vegas Gift Box contains a luxurious Bath Brulee that fizzes softly in the water releasing moisturising Cocoa Butter and softening the water. Rub the creamy foam into your skin while bathing. Remember to only allow a portion of your Brulee to dissolve and remove it from the bath to save the rest for later. Wash any petals away after use to prevent accidental staining of the bath.
Also included is a night with the stars bath creamer, it contains wonderful perfumes and essential oils to make your bath smell beautiful.
A Pink Rosebud Heart Blaster. A deeply penetrating Musk heart with woody base notes, a Bedazzled bath blaster and a Ruby Vegas Soap slice.
Valentine Haze Gift Set
Everything you could need for a soothing, moisturising bath soak leaving you and the bathroom smelling divine!

Designed especially for Valentines Day is the Romantic Red and Love Hearts Themed Valentines Haze Gift Set.
It contains Strawberries & Dreams Brulee, Dark Heart Bath Blaster, Sweet Love Bath Tulip, Shea Bliss Bath Mallow and Miss Pink whistle Soap Slice. all wrapped in delightful Gift wrap.

Love Rocks is the message with the funky design on the Bomb Cosmetics Love Rocks Gift Set containing A crazy after dark bath blaster, a strawberries and dreams bath brulee, a sink the pink bath blaster, a pink rosebud heart blaster, hearts desire bath creamer and a wonderful chocolate therapy massage bar.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Little Lost Dog Collectible Figurines

Did someone call my name?
Little Lost Dog collectible figurines are beautiful gifts for any dog lover.
Who could resist giving this little lost pup a home?

Did Someone Call My Name? Is just one of the few available, the little white puppy with a patch on one side of his face is looking hope full as he stands on his little back paws, one ear up, one ear down, listening, hoping, that someone, somewhere is looking for him ready to take him home.
He has an over sized collar around his little neck with a chain lead attached.
A charming and very cute little character.

It's Me, I'm Over Here is another little figure of the puppy, he thinks  he has spotted someone in the distance as he stands looking alert hoping to be seen, eyes closed as he wishes as hard as he can that his master comes to take him home.
Give the dog a bone
His little mouth is pursed in a whistle as if the little lost dog is trying his hardest to whistle to his owner to come and collect him.

It's good to see someone had some sympathy for the little lost dog, you can imagine his little tail wagging in circles with joy as he enjoys his bone in the gorgeous Give a Dog a Bone collectible figurine at Three Little Bears.
With both his ears standing upright and a magical puppy dog smile the little lost dog cuddles the bone in sheer delight with his eyes closed as he enjoys his little treat.
Take me home please

With a tear falling from his little puppy eye, he's just begging you to fall in love and take him home, he promises he will be as good as gold and be your best friend forever in the irresistible little Take Me Home Please Collectible Figurine.
With one little paw waving in the air with his pink puppy pads on show, while the other paw is pointing to the little tear drop on his face, just in case you hadn't noticed.
This adorable little Puppy is looking for someone to love, but if you want him, you better move fast!

With his sweet good looks and charming nature this adorable little lost dog will find someone to love him in no time at all.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Celebrate Valentines Day with Tatty Teddy

Love You
It's a special time of year, for  love is in the air and this year is a leap year, a time for nervous girlfriends to pop the big question to their boyfriends.
Are you planning to propose to your true love this February the 29th?
There is plenty of time to prepare and still time to celebrate your true love on Valentines day the 14th February.
Tatty Teddy is happy to help, with his little bear eyes and cute blue nose the Tatty Teddy family has shared many Valentines celebrations.
Me to You Tatty Teddy Love You Heart Bear is a classic Valentines gift with the traditional cuddly teddy and a big heart, the message is loud and clear with this little Bear!

Tatty Teddy also features on our beautiful range of Valentines Cards, there is something there to suit everyone, whether you are sending as a mystery admirer, a Lover, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Fiancee, Husband or Wife there is a Tatty Teddy Valentines Card to suit your true love.
Luxury Valentines Card

For the One I Love is the main message on this Me to You Large Luxury Valentine Card  "To the One I Love ..
...on Valentine's Day....
With Hugs and Kisses , I Love you in so many ways, I can't imagine us apart
On this day and forever more, it's you who holds my heart,
with Love"
This romantic card is boxed in a silver gift box, decorated with a red ribbon and heart gift tag

Tatty Teddy is Head Over Heels in Love, a six inch plush Tatty Teddy Bear standing on his head with his little paws up in the air and he's wearing a red top that has the words "Head over Heels in Love" on the front, a very cute gift for Valentines day.
A Beary Special Gift

Just look at the magnificent gift box Tatty Teddy is holding in the Me to You Box of Love Special Edition Tatty Teddy Bear! This beautiful gift box bear is holding a special gift that you'll want to treasure forever.
The gift box Tatty is holding in his little plush paws contains three love hearts, each with a different message "Kiss Me" "Love Me" and "Hug Me".
How could anyone resist a message like that. Tatty Teddy does it so well we have a whole section of gifts for you to send that loving message to somebody very special this Valentines day!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Beautiful Bomb Cosmetics Gift Candles

Angel on my Shoulder
In stylish tins with pretty designs Bomb Cosmetics candles are ideal gifts for any occasion, with a burning time of up to 35 hours and a wide variety of delicate scents to choose from you really are spoilt for choice.

Angel on my Shoulder is a fresh green & fruity candle in a tin with a woman's eye on the lid and lips on the side, on top of the lid it has the name Angel on My Shoulder, underneath that it says "healing feeling".
This scent opens with top notes of cooling cucumber & hyacinth.
The pretty floral heart combines cyclamen, Jasmin & rose with a powdery finish.

A night under the stars is the theme with Arabian Nights, a night sky coloured tin decorated with stars containing a blue candle with white hearts
With top notes of juicy fig melt into nuances of cassis and tropical green leaves underscored by a subtle accord of lily and Jasmin on a base of smooth amber and cedar.

Love's Eternal Flame is printed on the bright floral design of the Sensual Bomb Cosmetics Candle, it burns with warm oriental accord with vanilla laced red fruits and rich amber notes on a bed of soft musk and premium sandalwood.
A perfect candle for those romantic nights in!

Natures Candy Candle from Bomb Cosmetics will tantalise your senses.
 It has a lush green floral complex featuring accents of green leaves and mandarin zest which develop to richer nuances of lavender, Jasmin, heady lily and pungent ylang ylang on a backdrop of precious amber and musk.

Love Rocks!
The Truly Sensuous Love Rocks from bomb cosmetics is a delicious heady blend of heavenly aromas.A truly opulent floral- musky fragrance fashioned from luxurious accords of heliotrope and lilac blossoms, white violets and ylang ylang, enveloped in layers of velvety musks.
Vanilla and soft woods infuse the base, while a sparkle of bergamot freshens the top.
In a stylish tin decorated with a love heart with wings, this is romantic fragrance rock and roll style!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Me to You Tatty Teddy Travel and Holiday Essentials

Me to You Sketchbook Passport Cover
If you're planning a holiday take Tatty Teddy with you with one of our fun travel accessories.
Keep your Passport safe and easy to find with a stylish Passport cover featuring the lovable Me to You Blue Nose Tatty Teddy Bear.

With a bright pink background decorated with white dots this Me to You Sketchbook Passport Cover.
Tatty Teddy looks so pretty as she patiently waits with her pink holiday bag all packed up and ready to go!

Me to You Tatty teddy Sketchbook Camera Case
If you prefer pastel colours you'll love the pale pink Me to you Tatty Teddy Pink Passport Cover, with it's baby pink background decorated with swirls and stars it's as must-have for any Tatty Teddy Traveller.

You can also keep your camera protected, Tatty Teddy Style with the beautiful Me to You Tatty Teddy Sketchbook Camera Case.
Featuring Sketchbook Tatty Teddy Sitting against a multicoloured flower cushion with flowers around her feet, she's as pretty as a picture.
The case is a bright pink decorated with tiny white flowers, it comes with a matching  handy wrist strap to keep your camera secure and safe from knocks and scratches while you are on your travels.

For Gaming fans there is also a matching Nintendo DS Tatty Teddy Sketchbook Case with the same design as the camera case but with the following words above Tatty Teddy;
"I love dreaming of days spent together"
With two zippers it makes accessing your Nintendo DS quick and easy, a fun and practical accessory to add to your Me to You Tatty Teddy Bear Collection.
Tatty Teddy Travel Journal

Keep a diary of your holiday so you can treasure those memories forever.
The Me to You Tatty Teddy Travel Journal is secured with pink elastic to keep it closed while you are out and about and it has a tough cover to keep your precious memories safe and sound.
Tatty Teddy features on the cover holding a pretty Sun Parasol surrounded by plants, flowers and a little Summer Swallow.

It's good to see Tatty Teddy taking care in the sun!
Don't forget to take your sunglasses when you pack your holiday essentials, and keep them safe in a Me To You Pink Sunglasses Case featuring Tatty Teddy wearing a Summer Sunshine top.
Now you're ready to set off, have a wonderful holiday with Tatty Teddy!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Cupcake Tea Party with My Blue Nose Friends

A Tea Party With My Blue Nose Friends
It's time to party with My Blue Nose Friends Bobbin, Milkshake, Gum Gum and Mo are having a wonderful time with a delicious range of cupcakes they just couldn't wait.

This beautiful My Blue Nose Friends Tea Party Story Piece Figurine is a wonderful addition to any Me To You Collection.

Poor little Bobbin looks like she's struggling a bit with Milkshake sitting on her shoulders, lets hope Milkshake saves some cake for Bobbin!

Bobbin is holding on to the table leg for extra support while Milkshake reaches over for a delicious cupcake with a fresh strawberry on top, meanwhile Gum Gum, the usually sleepy, cuddly Koala is sat upon the table with a big cupcake with chocolate icing and a cherry on top.
It usually takes a lot to wake the sleepy Koala, but when it comes to cake Gum Gum is always wide awake.
With her big strong legs Mo the Kangaroo has reached the top and is reaching for the cupcake at the top of the pile but with her Motherly ways she's bound to give it to poor little Bobbin, She's always putting others first.
When it comes to parties My Blue Nose Friends from Me to You really know how to party in style, Tea Party is a fantastic addition for any Me to You collection.

Cuddly Cottonsocks

Me to You My Blue Nose Friends Cuddly Cottonsocks Feature Figurine is a sleepy cuddly little lamb all snuggled up to her comfy pillow.
Cuddly Cotton Socks loves her cuddles and is looking for a home that loves sleepy cuddles, there is no need to worry about counting Sheep when Cuddly Cottonsocks is around.
Sleep is what she does best and with her sleepy, snugly style she'll have you feeling sleepy in no time.
A beautiful Blue Nose Friend collectible feature figurine for Me to You fans to cherish.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Keep Important Dates Safe with Tatty Teddy

Pocket Size Diary
Keep up to date in style with one of our Me to You Tatty Teddy Diaries and Calendars.

This Me to You Tatty Teddy A6 Hardback Diary is a handy pocket size, ideal to pop in your handbag and take with you when travelling, it doesn't take up much room but it has enough space inside to record all those special or important dates and reminders.
Pretty pink design featuring Tatty Teddy on a delicate heart shape swing with a little heart hanging from the loop.
Little Tatty looks a little lost, but with this gorgeous diary you'll never miss a thing again!

Another perfect bag or pocket size 2012 Diary is the Mini Hardback Tatty Teddy Diary featuring the gorgeous Tatty Teddy laying in a flowerbed full of Daisies, with a baby pink background it is so pretty you will want to keep it on display.
With two days displayed per page it is perfect to write memos for yourself as well as record appointments, birthdays and other vital dates.
Slimline Calendar

Me to You Tatty Teddy has a year full of fun on the photo finish Me to You Tatty Teddy Slimline Calendar, the cover features Tatty tending a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a vase.
Open it up and inside you will see Tatty Teddy in January celebrating the New Year surrounded by colourful Balloons.

In February, Tatty Teddy is Celebrating Valentines Day with a big bunch of romantic red roses.
For March, Tatty Teddy has bought Tatty Mum a beautiful bunch of flowers as the celebrate Mothers Day together.

It's a fun year for Tatty Teddy
April is time for the Easter Bunny, but this time Tatty isn't all dressed up, he's busy with his basket of colourful Spring Easter eggs.
In May, Tatty is busy in the garden with a big bunch of flowers just for you.

June is a pretty bunch of early Summer flowers that tatty Teddy has carefully arranged.
July is another colourful bloom of flowers that Tatty Teddy has picked to fill the house with the sweet smell of Summer, while in August Tatty Teddy is with a friend making colourful cupcakes.

In September Tatty Teddy prepares for Autumn, with another beautiful bloom, set against a stunning blue background.
With a smiley carved pumpkin, Tatty Teddy prepares for Halloween in October, lets hope Tatty has a freaky good night.
Daydreaming out of the window Tatty Teddy is celebrating Guy Fawkes Night as he watches the bonfire and dazzling firework display from the safety of indoors.

 We all know Tatty Teddy loves dressing up, and in December he's full of Christmas cheer as he snuggles into his cosy red Santa Suit, dressed as Father Christmas with a whole bunch of goodies and gifts!
A whole year of fun and celebration with stunning photo finish prints of the cutest little patchwork bear.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Plush me to You Bears with Bathroom Gifts

Tatty Teddy with Rose Soap Gift
Tatty Teddy is bearing gifts for you to pamper yourself in the bathroom.
Ideal gifts for almost any occasion, Mothers Day, Birthdays, Valentines day and beautiful additions to any Tatty Teddy Blue Nose Bear collection!

Me to You Tatty Teddy with Rose Soap is a beautiful plush Teddy sitting at 7 inches tall with a gift of rose soap in his little paws
The 60g bar of soap is rose flower shape, a traditional symbol of romance.

Me to You Tatty Teddy with Bath Soak is a totally huggable plush Tatty Teddy bearing gifts of a luxurious bath soak for you to relax and unwind with.
The 75g pack of bath soak is supplied in a pretty Tatty Teddy themed box featuring your favourite Blue Nose Bear holding a huge flower in his little paws.

The same Tatty Teddy and Flower theme is also on the Me to You Tatty Teddy with Bubble Bath, a 7 inch tall cuddly plush Tatty Teddy Bear is holding a 50ml tube of Bubble Bath decorated with Tatty and the flower.
A Fizzy Gift from Tatty Teddy

Feel the stress of the day leave your body as you relax in a subtle scented, skin softening bath with Tatty Teddy Bath Time Gifts.
Me to you Tatty Teddy with Bath Fizzers is asking you to make time to relax, just look at those little concerned eyes!
Just give the gorgeous little Tatty Bear a hug, drop one or two cubes in your bath and unwind as the fizzy cubes soften your skin with delicate perfume.

For a lovely Bubbly Blissful Bath soak in the foamy bubbles that come with love from Tatty Teddy.
The soft plush Tatty Teddy Bear is holding a 50g tube of Me to You Tatty Teddy Bear Foam Bath.
Simply delightful gifts for loved ones, as always with Love from Me to You.