Friday, 13 January 2012

Little Lost Dog Collectible Figurines

Did someone call my name?
Little Lost Dog collectible figurines are beautiful gifts for any dog lover.
Who could resist giving this little lost pup a home?

Did Someone Call My Name? Is just one of the few available, the little white puppy with a patch on one side of his face is looking hope full as he stands on his little back paws, one ear up, one ear down, listening, hoping, that someone, somewhere is looking for him ready to take him home.
He has an over sized collar around his little neck with a chain lead attached.
A charming and very cute little character.

It's Me, I'm Over Here is another little figure of the puppy, he thinks  he has spotted someone in the distance as he stands looking alert hoping to be seen, eyes closed as he wishes as hard as he can that his master comes to take him home.
Give the dog a bone
His little mouth is pursed in a whistle as if the little lost dog is trying his hardest to whistle to his owner to come and collect him.

It's good to see someone had some sympathy for the little lost dog, you can imagine his little tail wagging in circles with joy as he enjoys his bone in the gorgeous Give a Dog a Bone collectible figurine at Three Little Bears.
With both his ears standing upright and a magical puppy dog smile the little lost dog cuddles the bone in sheer delight with his eyes closed as he enjoys his little treat.
Take me home please

With a tear falling from his little puppy eye, he's just begging you to fall in love and take him home, he promises he will be as good as gold and be your best friend forever in the irresistible little Take Me Home Please Collectible Figurine.
With one little paw waving in the air with his pink puppy pads on show, while the other paw is pointing to the little tear drop on his face, just in case you hadn't noticed.
This adorable little Puppy is looking for someone to love, but if you want him, you better move fast!

With his sweet good looks and charming nature this adorable little lost dog will find someone to love him in no time at all.

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