Thursday, 26 January 2012

Simon's Cat Has Just Strolled In!

I'm cute and cuddly
Simon's Cat, the online cartoon sensation is now available for you to own. A must-have gift for all cat lovers and fans of the mischievous little cartoon cat that terrorises Simon daily with his fun antics!

Unlike the Internet legend, your very own cuddly white cat will not create the havoc you see on you tube.
Cat owners everywhere can relate to the funny sketches involving Simon and his cat, as the cat takes over his life with such a sweet and innocent manner that only a cat can.
At Three Little Bears Simon's Cat has so far, been very well behaved and not harassed Tatty Teddy or the Blue Nose Friends, although Snugs is not looking too happy and is hiding in her sandbox, poor little Chinchilla!

Simon's Cat is available as a beautiful large plush toy with a soft and cuddly body, and is looking for a lap to curl up on and call his own, a wonderful gift for any occasion. He sits at 10 inches tall and will not bring home any special gifts, or wake you up in the middle of the night demanding food!
Take me with you
A quiet and cuddly companion unlike our other cuddly Simon's Cat Character, with a little chip in his paw this little white cat will meow and chirrup on demand.
 Those of you familiar with the many ways Simon's Cat makes his demands will know and love the noises this wonderful plush character makes. A fun way to wake someone up in the mornings!

Simon's Meowing and Chirruping little cat would be a wonderful gift for Valentines day, a fantastic gift for anyone that knows and loves Simon's Cat!

I'm no trouble at all...
If you would prefer to take your little Simon's cat with you everywhere you go, now you can with the wonderful, slightly startled looking Simon's Cat Plush Keyring. Highly collectible and totally adorable, how could anyone resist this little cats charm?

Simon's Cat is looking for cuddles, just look at that innocent little face, what possible mayhem could one little cat cause?

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