Saturday, 7 January 2012

Cupcake Tea Party with My Blue Nose Friends

A Tea Party With My Blue Nose Friends
It's time to party with My Blue Nose Friends Bobbin, Milkshake, Gum Gum and Mo are having a wonderful time with a delicious range of cupcakes they just couldn't wait.

This beautiful My Blue Nose Friends Tea Party Story Piece Figurine is a wonderful addition to any Me To You Collection.

Poor little Bobbin looks like she's struggling a bit with Milkshake sitting on her shoulders, lets hope Milkshake saves some cake for Bobbin!

Bobbin is holding on to the table leg for extra support while Milkshake reaches over for a delicious cupcake with a fresh strawberry on top, meanwhile Gum Gum, the usually sleepy, cuddly Koala is sat upon the table with a big cupcake with chocolate icing and a cherry on top.
It usually takes a lot to wake the sleepy Koala, but when it comes to cake Gum Gum is always wide awake.
With her big strong legs Mo the Kangaroo has reached the top and is reaching for the cupcake at the top of the pile but with her Motherly ways she's bound to give it to poor little Bobbin, She's always putting others first.
When it comes to parties My Blue Nose Friends from Me to You really know how to party in style, Tea Party is a fantastic addition for any Me to You collection.

Cuddly Cottonsocks

Me to You My Blue Nose Friends Cuddly Cottonsocks Feature Figurine is a sleepy cuddly little lamb all snuggled up to her comfy pillow.
Cuddly Cotton Socks loves her cuddles and is looking for a home that loves sleepy cuddles, there is no need to worry about counting Sheep when Cuddly Cottonsocks is around.
Sleep is what she does best and with her sleepy, snugly style she'll have you feeling sleepy in no time.
A beautiful Blue Nose Friend collectible feature figurine for Me to You fans to cherish.

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