Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Beautiful Plush Blue Nose Friends New In

Limited Edition Ripple
With her majestic charm and sleek good looks, we are certain she was never an ugly duckling.
Ripple the Swan from My Blue Nose Friends is one of the latest Blue Nose Friends plush collectible characters in stock.
Ripple the Swan has a beautifully soft, plush body.
The Blue Nose Friends love Ripple because she's so graceful and loves doing things her way. She always sticks her neck out for her friends though.
With her stunning grace, elegant Swan beauty and special edition status she's sure to fly out of the door in no time!

He looks a little Goofy in a cuddly, cute Beaverish way and he loves to get his teeth into everything!
Me to You My Blue Nose Friends Buck The Beaver is a new addition at Three Little Bears.
Koodoo needs cuddles!
Buck the Beaver is a 4 inch tall collectible plush cuddly toy with a little blue nose, huge Beaver teeth, just don't let him live in your tree house! He does love to chew!

Oh just look at little Koodoo the Antelope! It's so unusually to see her sitting so still, she rises to every challenge and can leap higher than any of the other Antelopes, she's a dynamic little character with a gorgeous soft, plush patchwork body, little blue nose and magnificent pink antlers, Koodoo is  a unique and highly lovable little cuddly!

It's not quite spring yet, but the mild winter has brought us an early surprise, little Nutmeg the Squirrel from My Blue Nose Friends is a compulsive hoarder, so if you lose anything Nutmeg is sure to be able to help you find it with her super Squirrel senses and sensitive little blue button nose, she is such a cutie with her delicate features and luxurious Squirrel tail, why not invite her home to snuggle with you before the next chilly snap?
Yabber the Chatterbox

Now, if we can just get a word in edge ways we would like to introduce you to Yabber the Duckbilled Platypus from Me to You Blue Nose Friends.
He's a unique little cuddle puss with features all of his own.
Yabber the Platypus has a knack of talking his way out of any situation, certainly a fun friend to have around.

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