Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Tatty Teddy Gifts for Someone Special

Tatty Teddy Heart Candle
Me to You Tatty Teddy has a gift idea for almost any event or occasion you think of, and with Valentines day almost upon us Tatty Teddy is all loved up with gift ideas for all the loved ones in your family.
The Me to You Tatty Teddy Heart Candle is  supplied in a pretty gift box, perfect for Valentines Day, Birthdays or romantic candlelit meals.

I Love You Forever Tatty Teddy Bear is a large plush cuddly character, Tatty Teddy sits 12 inches tall holding a large love heart in his little bear paws. Suitable for for all ages and with a message that can apply to various relationships.

If you are shopping for your gorgeous girlfriend, Tatty Teddy comes with some bright ideas, the cute and cuddly plush Tatty Teddy Bear is irresistible in his romantic red T-shirt decorated with a rose and the words "My Gorgeous Girlfriend".
If your Girlfriend is something special, let her know with the Me to You 7 inch plush Tatty Teddy Bear holding a heart with the words "Special Girlfriend" embroidered on the front.
Tatty Teddy with single red rose

Another message promising eternal love is the beautiful little plush Tatty Teddy in gift box decorated with love hearts, Tatty Teddy is 5 inches tall, holding a love heart with the words "Love you forever" on the front, Tatty is also holding a single red rose, a timeless symbol of love and romance.

With tiny little black beady eyes and a beautiful blue button nose, little Tatty Teddy can win you over with his natural charm, who could resist the Me to You Tatty Teddy Bear Plush collectible bear holding a single red rose in his little paws?
Because I love you!

Did you know Tatty Teddy can txt spk?
The gorgeous little plush Tatty Teddy is holding a message of love written in text speak.
Tatty Teddy U + Me 4eva plush collectible toy has the text message on a special message embroidered sign with a little heart in the corner.

There is also a texting Tatty Teddy holding a love heart, the Tatty Teddy U R GR8 Bear is holding a love heart with the special text message embroidered on the front.
A beautiful little gift with lots of love from Me to You.

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