Friday, 3 February 2012

Stunning polished Glass Spaceform Paperweights

Today, Tomorrow, Forever
Spaceform Glass Gifts are solid blocks of clear glass with various messages slogans and patterns.
With their clear lines and contemporary style they are suited to so many different occasions.

Spaceform Glass Paperweights are highly collectible, stunning polished solid glass blocks that look fantastic in the home or the office.

Today, Tomorrow, Forever is a stunning polished glass paperweight with a loving message and a big red love heart.
A perfect gift for loved ones, to give at weddings and for Valentines day.
Each Spaceform Paperweight is supplied in a stylish gift box.
Stunning Layered Paperweight

Romance is the clear message with the large Spaceform Layered Cube Love You Paperweight.Four layers of glass are fused together with mesmerising detail of sandblasted motifs and hand painting throughout.
Decorated with lots of red and silver love hearts and the words "Love You"  it is a beautiful work of art, presented in a white gift box.

Give someone the gift of a thousand hearts with the beautiful Thousand Hearts Spaceform Paperweight.
Decorated with a bright red love heart in the corner and the words "At one glance I love you with a thousand hearts".

Stunning Classic Rose
The Classic Red Rose stands out with it's bright red petals amongst the etched leaves and swirls on this beautiful Spaceform Red Rose Paperweight.
The delicate petals are open and the rose is in full bloom, a timeless symbol of love and romance that would be a perfect gift for Mothers day, Birthdays, Valentines Day, Wedding Gifts and Christmas presents.

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