Thursday, 9 February 2012

More Fun with Moshi Monsters and Moshi Goo

Moshi Goo!
If getting your own little Monsters in the bath can turn into a nightmare experience the Moshi Monsters are here to help!
Moshi Monsters have convinced Gelli Baff to create Moshi Goo!

Moshi Monsters Gelli Baff Jelly Bath Green Goo includes a Goo Moshling figurine.
Officially Licensed Moshi Monsters Gelli Baff - Moshi Goo!
Kids can now play in Moshi Goo along with their FREE Moshling found inside these great packs of Gelli Baff.

Which Moshling will you find in your Moshi Goo? Look out for the ultra rare Iggy and Gurgle! Fumble is a rarity too, but don't worry if you don't find a rare one the first time, there is still plenty of fun to be had with DJ Quack, Snookums, Stanley, McNulty and Angel.

Compared to the normal packs of Gelli Baff, this allows for 2 baths full of Moshi Goo and also includes a FREE Moshi Monsters Moshling.
Simply run a bath, add the Moshi Goo powder and watch in amazement as your boring bath water magically turns into a fun, thick green Moshi Goo.
Gelli Baff is a completely harmless powder that soaks up 400 times its own weight in water.
There's no need to worry about cleaning up either - when the fun's all done, simply add the sachet of dissolver powder and the goo magically disappears.
The goo reverts back to plain old coloured bath water, so don't worry about it blocking or clogging the bath, it won't!

Which Moshling will you find?
The dissolver sachet powder is simply pure table salt, the same as you put on your chips! Completely safe, Gellibaff conforms to strict testing and safety regulations and doesn't stain your towels, carpets or kids Moshi Goo turns bath water into goo... and back again.

There is more Moshi Monster fun at Three Little Bears with the Moshi Monsters Series 2 collectible Moshlings
Each blister pack contains five different Moshling figures for you to collect, including one hidden moshling!
As well as five Moshling toys, each pack includes a secret code that lets you unlock a free item in the online game.

Moshi Monsters Mega Bloks
 Mystery Moshi Monsters are excellent gifts for children, not knowing which Monster they will find next to join in the fun with their online gaming just adds to the fun.
there is more mystery with the Moshi Monsters Mega Bloks Foil Pack Figurines.
With the mystery foil packs, you just don't know what character you will find. Is it the Moshi you've been looking for?

Each Foil Pack contains a fully articulated Moshi Monster Figurine and a Mega Blok for it to stand on, allowing your creativity to grow into construction with your little Moshi Monster and his Mega Blok.
Moshi Monsters Mega Blok Foil Packs are also ideal party bag gifts and mystery party prizes perfect for lucky dips and tombolas at fetes and fairs too!

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