Friday, 17 February 2012

Me to You My Place Tatty Puppy

Take Me Home
Introducing our new addition at Three Little Bears, Me to You Tatty Puppy is a beautiful plush toy with shaggy soft fur and a little blue nose
.Tatty Puppy comes with a free owner's certificate, and a unique code that enables you to unlock Tatty Puppy at Me to You My Place, the online social game.
Have lots of educational fun with Tatty Puppy at Me to You Place where Tatty Puppy earns silver and gold bones, he is the best friend ever.
He will dig up treasure, he’ll care for My Blue Nose Friends and if you train him well, he will even perform tricks!
Sometimes he is a little bit cheeky, but it’s hard to stay cross with him. Maybe it’s because he's so cute.
Tatty Puppy Carry Bag
 Just like a real Puppy, Tatty Puppy comes with lots of accessories to make caring for your puppy much easier. The Tatty Puppy Accessories are fun and stylish.
The Me to You Tatty Puppy Carry Case Bag is just the right size for Tatty Puppy to snuggle up in comfort while you take him on your journeys, ensuring Tatty Puppy is nearby, safe and secure.
Decorated with love heart shaped paw print patterns in various shades of pink, it's a beautiful bag to keep your little Tatty Puppy in when he's sleepy.

Tatty Puppy loves the Pink Tatty Puppy BFF Pillow designed especially for the little Blue Nose Pup.
BFF means Best Friends Forever, and Tatty Puppy will always be your friend.

Give the dog a bone...
For Puppies that don't want pink accessories, they are sure to love the multicolour Paw Print Tatty Puppy Pillow to keep them snug while they're sleepy.

Tatty Puppy has a whole range of fun accessories in the Me to You Tatty Puppy Gift Shop, choose from various leads, a kennel, cushions for your pup, a gorgeous BFF name tag and even chewy toys for your new puppy to play with.

Tatty Puppy will never destroy your furniture, make a mess on your carpet or even eat your homework. Tatty is such a good little puppy with a special code to unlock a whole new world of fun, educational games.
Have fun while learning with the gorgeous Tatty Puppy.

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