Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Blue Nose Friends are Having Fun!

All Glammed Up!
My Blue Nose Friends at Three Little Bears are having a fantastic time getting All Glammed Up.
The beautiful story piece dressing table figurine features four of the cute My Blue Nose Friends Characters having fun.

Why are they getting All Glammed Up? Perhaps it's a party or maybe they just fancied getting up to mischief.
poor little SugarCube the Donkey is being used as a stepping stool by Bells the Reindeer as he climbs up the side of the dressing table.

Jock the Moose is busy admiring a sparkly diamond ring wondering where to wear it because it would go so well with the gems he has wrapped around his antlers.

Tiny the Mouse has the best position of them all, sat right in front of the mirror, the sweet little mouse is admiring her pretty little blue nose while she brushes her soft fur with a hairbrush.
Reading Time
The detail on this lovely Dressing Table Story Piece Figurine is superb, from the wood grain detail, the gems in the draw and the trinkets in the dish it is a must have addition to any Me to You My Blue Nose Friends Collection.

Me to You My Blue Nose Friends just love a good read.
You can join in the fun with Shelley, Lily, Splodge and Honey as they climb all over the book shelf trying to find the latest story in the beautiful Story Time Figurine Reading Time.

Honey can reach the top shelf easily with her wings, so she sits on top of the book case passing a great book to little Lily who has hopped all the way to the top! Brave little Frog Lily!

Meanwhile, Shelley is totally engrossed in a book, oblivious to Splodge who looks as though he's about to fall, poor little Splodge is so accident prone, he's one clumsy little pup!

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