Thursday, 29 December 2011

18th Birthday Tatty Teddy Gifts

18th Birthday Photo Album
Celebrate that big birthday in style with Tatty Teddy who features on many of our 18th Birthday gift ideas.
Capture the memories of the special occasion with Me to You 18th Birthday Large Photo Album. Tatty Teddy is on the front peeking through the number 18 that is wrapped in a ribbon, the edge is decorated with various coloured stars.
It holds up to 152 photographs and can be used to capture all those special moments of the day, party photographs or even to create a scrapbook of your life from birth to 18 years old.

There is also a smaller photo album gift set that includes a photo frame with the same design as the album, Tatty Teddy is holding a huge champagne bottle with an 18 key, the edge is decorated with balloons and hearts.
Me To You - Tatty Teddy 18th Birthday Photo Frame and Photo Album Set.
The frame holds a photo size of 6.5 cm x 7.5cm, and has the following verse on the front - 'A Very Special Person deserves a special day. A Happy Birthday full of fun in every single way'.
The photo album holds 36 6" x 4" photo.
Me to You Tatty Teddy also features on the pretty Me to You 18th Birthday Mug and Socks gift set, decorated with Tatty Teddy and a huge pink Champagne bottle with an 18 key around the bottle neck.

Me to you 18th Birthday Photo Frame has Tatty Teddy sitting in the corner peeking through the number 18 tied with a blue ribbon to match Tattys little blue nose, decorated with stars and swirls it's a perfect keepsake for your 18th Birthday!

Plush Tatty Teddy is holding a large 18 key in his little cuddly paws Tatty is sitting in a special 18th Birthday mug in the plush Tatty Teddy and 18 Mug gift set, the mug is decorated with a huge number 18. A perfect 18th Birthday Gift.

Tatty Teddy 18th Birthday Figurine

Collectors of Tatty Teddy Figurines will love the Me to You Tatty Teddy 18th Birthday Figurine, Tatty Teddy, the little patchwork, scruffy, blue nose bear is holding a large envelope decorated with a star and the number 18.

Me to You Tatty Teddy Figurine, Key to The Door features Tatty Teddy holding a huge 18 key decorated with sparkly diamantes. Tatty is 11cm tall including key, a beautiful gift for any Tatty Teddy Collector and a lasting memento of your special birthday.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Celebrate the New Year with Tatty Teddy

Tatty Teddy Bubbly Pop
Tatty Teddy is in the mood to celebrate and is wishing you all a Happy New Year!
As the countdown begins Me to You Tatty Teddy Bubbly Pop collectible figurine shows Tatty Teddy in the party mood as he stands holding a huge bottle of champagne.
Tatty Teddy enjoys parties and celebrations and there is a Tatty Teddy designed to help you celebrate almost any occasion.
Bubbly Pop is an ideal gift for special age Birthdays, to celebrate weddings, engagements, new babies, graduation in fact any occasion that seems suitable for a little tipple, Tatty Teddy Bubbly Pop is the perfect gift to remember that big day.

Time to Celebrate!
If someone you know is reaching the big 30 then Tatty Teddy would like to celebrate with you in a beautiful gift that is sure to be treasured as a memoir of that big birthday with Me to You Tatty Teddy Figurine Sparkling 30. Tatty Teddy, the popular patchwork scruffy bear with a little blue nose stands holding a bottle of champagne with a sparkling, glittery 30 on the label. Make it a Birthday they wont forget in a hurry with the beautiful Tatty Teddy!

There is always Time To Celebrate! With Me to You Tatty Teddy Bear.
Tatty is really in the Party Mood in the gorgeous Me to You Time to Celebrate Figurine. Maybe Tatty Teddy has had one to many as he holds a bottle of fizzing Champagne in one paw and two over filled champagne flutes in the other hand, he's really a bit of a party animal!

Tatty Teddy has a gift for Mum, a cute Tatty Teddy Celebrating Mum Figurine featuring Tatty teddy holding a huge bottle of Champagne with the word Mum on the label sparkling with diamantes. A delightful gift for Mum on Mothers Day, Birthdays or just to say, Mum, I love you!

Friday, 23 December 2011

The Latest Me to You Tatty Teddy Collectible Figurines

Taking the Vespa for a Spin!
New is stock are the latest Me to You Tatty Teddy  Figurines.
We love this Retro-Style Vespa Tatty Teddy Figurine called Little Wheels, Big Ideas.
Featuring two of your favourite Tatty Teddy Bears planning a road trip on their patriotic Vespa Scooter.
One tatty Teddy is sitting on the motorcycle scooter seat while the other one is revving the throttle, the bike is parked on a lovely little cobbled road.
They've serviced their bike and they're ready to go!
A beautiful gift for Tatty Teddy Collectors as well as collectors of 1960's memorabilia, and Classic Vespa Scooter fans!

For the cold Winter Nights Tatty Teddy has found a novel way to keep snug and cosy, by wriggling his little Tatty body into someones boot!
Thankfully it's a new and fluffy one and not an old welly! Well done Tatty Teddy.
See for yourself how cosy Tatty Teddy is in the Me to You Tatty Teddy Snug Boot Figurine, he looks quite happy to be there, lets just hope he doesn't get stuck!

Bloomin Delightful Tatty Teddy

Looking beautiful and relaxed amongst the Petals this little Tatty Teddy is Bloomin Delightful, sat in the centre of a pale purple/lilac Tulip.
One petal has slowly unfurled to reveal the contents of it's bloom, but it's not what you'd expect to see inside a giant Tulip Bud!
Tatty Teddy looks happy there as comfy as a hammock with the silky petals keeping him snug, he's holding a yellow Tulip ready to give to that someone special.
Just look at that dreamy look on Tatty Teddy's face his mind is certainly elsewhere.
What a beautiful way to celebrate the joys (or memories) of Spring!

Cordy Roy Cuddly Characters from Jellycat

Jellycat Cordy Roy Dog
Jellycat are luxury soft toys with a style of their own, with exclusive limited editions for avid collectors as well as educational, practical, fun, comforting toys and comfort blankets for babies. With their delightful Jellykitten range it's easy to see why they are becoming more and more popular!

The Jellycat Cordy Roy collection is a beautiful range of luxurious soft toys suitable from birth upwards, the super-soft, floppy, cuddly characters are all made from a soft corduroy fabric that makes them irresistibly huggable for all ages.

Jellycat Cordy Roy Dog has such a sweet little puppy face, his floppy ears and soft lightly padded legs make him easy for little paws to hold and cuddle.
Jellycat Cordy Roy Cat
This beautiful little blue dog is 26cm tall, a perfect cot or pram companion and a wonderful gift for collectors of cuddly dogs and canine companions.

In beautiful bright pink is the Jellycat Cordy Roy Cat, this chubby little kitten has a cuddly body and is designed to be easy for little hands to hold.
Cordy Roy Cat would be a wonderful gift for a newborn baby girl, with vivid bright colour this little cat is easy to find and always there when a hug is needed.
Cat lovers will find this beautiful and unique Jellycat cat an essential addition to any feline collection.

Jellycat Cordy Roy Frog

The little puzzled expression on the Jellycat Cordy Roy Frog just adds to his charm, he may be no Prince Charming, but with a face like that he was made to be loved.
He's green, gorgeous and looking for a pad to call his own. Wish someone a very Hoppy Birthday in style with our little Froggy friend.

There will be no Crocodile tears if you introduce someone to Jellycats Cordy Roy Croc. This friendly Cordy Roy Critter is designed for cuddles and promises he will never bite.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Stunning Jewellery gifts at Three Little Bears

Beautiful Amethyst Wave on Gold Chain
Amethyst is a beautiful violet variety of quartz, traditionally the birthstone for February, known throughout history to have various healing properties and a cure for drunkenness, the Saxons used to wear Amethyst during battles for protection.

While we cannot guarantee the healing or protective properties, we are sure you will be delighted with the timeless style of this beautiful Amethyst Wave Gold Necklace.
A beautiful pendant set with seven beautiful Amethyst crystals in a wave design on a delicate 18 inch 9ct yellow gold diamond cut curb chain.

Designed by Elements Gold and supplied in a gift box.
An ideal gift for Birthdays, Christmas or Valentines day.

Also from Elements Gold is the traditional symbol of love, a love heart in a stunning two-colour design, made from 9ct yellow & white gold Cross Over Heart Pendant complete with a  16" Diamond Cut Curb chain in a gift box.

Fans and collectors of Me to You Tatty Teddy will love the Tatty Teddy Jewellery, with so many different styles there is plenty to choose from.
The Me To You Sterling Silver Tatty Teddy & Heart Necklace  has a pink enamel heart with a Tatty Teddy dangle pendant, it is supplied  in a special "Me to You" gift box.
Heart and Bear Charm pendant

Tatty Teddy also features on the Me to You Sterling Silver Dog Tag Pendant Necklace, a simple, yet stylish design with Tatty Teddy on the tag standing over a sparkling Cubic Zirconia.

You will be seeing stars with Tatty Teddy  Star and Tatty Earrings,  Star shaped Sterling Silver ear studs set with a sparkling blue cubic zirconia, each star has a silver Tatty Teddy dangling from it. Suitable for pierced ears and supplied in a special Me to You gift box.

There are more stars on the beautiful Me to You Tatty Teddy Star Charm Bracelet, the largest star is set with a blue cubic zirconia to match the stud earrings perfectly.
Three of the silver stars are engraved with Tatty Teddy, the other three stars on this six star bracelet are a dainty open style.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Gift ideas for the Men in your life

Spirit Level and Torch gift set
Perfectly pocket sized and so useful this Mini Spirit Level and Torch Gift Set is ideal to keep in your jacket pocket or work bag, supplied in a stylish gift box it's an ideal gift for carpenters, builders or anyone else with creative skills.

In a similar gift box is it's ideal companion gift of a handy Mini Screwdriver and Tape Measure gift set.
At Three Little Bears we have a dedicated section full of great gift ideas for men.
There are gifts for Fathers Day, Christmas, Birthdays and any other occasions.

Specially designed Mugs for those important men are a great way to remind them how much they are loved while they enjoy a delicious cup of tea.

I love  My Uncle is the message on this Bone China Mug, a perfect gift for a new Uncle or as a gift for his Birthday or Christmas.
I Love My Daddy
We also have Mugs for Grandad, a pure white bone china mug with I Love My Grandad in a blue circle on the front of the mug, It's a gift every proud Grandad will treasure.
Perfect for fathers day or a gift for a brand new Father is the I Love My Daddy Mug.

Our stylish chunky key rings also make great gifts with the same vivid blue design on the mugs is a message for either Daddy or Grandad.

I Love my Grandad
Presented in a smart chrome case with a resin dome are Cuff links with either I Love My Grandad or I Love My Daddy on them, a perfect gift for a proud Dad or Grandad to wear at home of the office.

Greatest Dad is the message on this cute Greatest Dad Car Air freshner featuring Tatty Teddy looking all proud as he wears his Greatest Dad Medal around his neck.
Every time dad gets in his car he'll be greeted with a fresh scent and a reminder that he is indeed the Greatest!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Unfrogettable Gund gifts that say I love you

Prince Kissalot Romantic Mug from Gund
Love is in the air! Maybe it's because we're surrounded by Mistletoe and the snow is starting to fall, thoughts of snuggling up by a warm fire with loved ones and enjoying the Christmas holidays keep us cosy on these cold Winter days.
It is always a good time to let people know you love them, be it Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines day or just to let them know you are thinking of them.

Gund have a great range of fun romantic gifts.
Un-FROGet-able is the message on the large red Prince Kissalot Gund Mug, on the top is a little Frog leaning over the side with a comical lovestruck expression on his little face.
Decorated with love hearts, it's a perfect gift for those unforgettable people in your life.
Prince Kissalot by Gund is also available off the mug,
Stuck on You plush magnetic Prince Kissalot Frog is holding a plush love heart in his hands and has a little red love heart on his froggy cheek.
Other Stuck on you magnetic characters are available including Stuck on You  King of Hearts Plush Lion.
With his majestic mane and cute features King of Hearts is a lovable cuddly king of the jungle that is sure to be a popular gift.
For Dog lovers, there's the cute white Stuck on You Puppy, pure white with a little Terrier face he's sure to melt your heart as he hands you his!

Ahhh Shucks Love You Goober Bear
Teddy Bears are gifts that are loved by all ages, little Brighton is a super soft plush Bear by Gund with Love embroidered on his feet, Brighton wears a ribbon around his neck with the word Love repeated all over the ribbon. Brighton Love Bear is from the Gund Today and Always Collection.

Ahh Shucks Love You is the message on a red love heart that Goober Bear by Gund brings in the little green envelope he's carrying.
Goober is a soft plush little bear with an inquisitive expression on his little face.
Goober Bear by Gund is a lovable cuddly character and an excellent messenger.
How could you not fall in love with him and his cute message of Love?

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Money Box Gifts from Me to You

Me to You Tiny Tatty Teddy Money Box
Money Boxes are ideal gifts for all ages, at Three Little Bears we have a fun selection of Money Boxes featuring the popular patchwork Tatty Teddy and My Blue Nose Friends collectible characters.

Get them started early with Me to You Tiny Tatty Teddy Money Box.
Tiny Tatty Teddy is sitting down with a dummy at his feet, a Tiny Tatty Blue Nose Bear Money Box that will soon become a treasured possession as well as a useful money box.
The Tiny Tatty Bear Cub Money Box  is a beautiful gift for newborn babies or young children to encourage them to start saving from an early age, equally it is also a wonderful gift for any fans of Me to You Tatty Teddy Bears.

Tiny Tatty Teddy also features on the beautiful silver plated Tiny Tatty Teddy Money Box. Tiny Tatty teddy is sitting on a silver plated toy chest, on the front of it are the words;
Find a Penny, Pick it up, all that day you'll have good luck.
With pale pastel colours, Me to You Tiny Tatty Money Box is an ideal gift for a baby girl or baby boy.

Tatty Teddy struggles with a huge glittery snowball in the winter or Christmas theme Me to You Tatty Teddy with Snowball Money Box, Tatty Teddy is wearing a big blue winter hat, scarf and gloves as he rolls the huge snowball along.

Tatty Teddy holds a huge pink love heart lollipop, a gorgeous girlie gift for Christmas, Birthdays  or Valentines day in the lovely Me to You Tatty Teddy Heart Lollipop Money Box.

Coco the Monkey and Binky the Panda are counting the pennies on top of this beautiful, collectible silver plated money box.
A treasure chest decorated with a heart on the front and two of the cute My Blue Nose Friends sitting on the lid.
My Blue Nose Friends Silver Money Box is a lovely addition to any collection and a great way to encourage saving money.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Willow Tree Collectible, Sentimental Gifts

A Heart of Gold
It's the countdown to Christmas!
How do you do your Christmas gift shopping? Are you all ready and organised?
Or is it for you a last minute panic through crowds of busy shoppers?
Don't worry there is still time to do your Christmas shopping on line and avoid the bustle of the high street while staying warm and cosy indoors.
No matter who you are buying gifts for Willow Tree Figurines have something  to suit everyone.

Willow Tree Figurines are beautiful gifts for friends and family members each with their own sentimental meaning.

A Heart of Gold is just one of the beautiful figurines available, capturing so much emotion in the simple classic style Willow Tree are known and loved for.

Father and Son
Two Together is a delightful pair of toddler figurines, a beautiful gift for parents with Twins, or a perfect gift for one twin to give to their sibling, capturing precious moments of memories shared.
Willow Tree has captured the magic of those precious early years with these chubby little toddlers that just belong together, you can almost hear the chatter and gurgles of laughter coming from this beautiful pair. Inside the gift box is a card reading "Love in abundance".

Father and Son, captures a tender moment between Father and Son, as Dad kneels down beside his young Son, you can't help but imagine what they are talking about.
It's a beautiful snapshot of a treasured moment that everyone can relate to, those quiet special moments with those closest to your heart.

Mother and Son is another beautiful Willow Tree Figurine that captures that special bond. A Mother comforting her young Son in a hug while stroking his hair. A celebration of the love shared between a Mother and her Child.

Our Gift
Our Gift by Willow Tree is a perfect celebration of a new arrival in the family, the proud new parents enjoy a family cuddle as they both cradle their precious new born child.

Hold dear the promise of love, and celebrate those tender moments with Willow Trees Promise Figurine.
A Romantic and tender image as lovers hold each other, dancing together as they whisper promises of love. A Perfect gift for Christmas, Anniversaries, Weddings or to celebrate an Engagement.

Quietly by Willow Tree is a beautiful figurine of a woman a young child and a baby in her arms, you can imagine she's either telling them a story or singing to them both. She has her arm around the young childs waist as he reaches up to whisper in her ear or give her a kiss goondnight on the cheek, the baby sits happily on her lap gazing towards the older child.
A Beautiful gift for Mums, Aunties and Grandmothers, magical moments captured forever Willow Trees unique and beautiful style.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Snow Globe Collectibles at Three Little Bears

Tatty teddy Dreaming
Tatty Teddy is Dreaming of a white Christmas while gazing into the magical snow globe he has between his little paws.
Inside the Snow globe is a wonderful Christmas scene, Father Christmas has prepared the sleigh ready to go, it's all packed with a colourful Santa sack full of gifts and  little reindeer with a red nose is all strapped up ready to fly around the world on the most magical night of the year!
That little Reindeer looks a bit like Jingle to me, but Jingle is a Blue Nose Friend, perhaps he painted his little blue nose red for Christmas.
Me to You Tatty Tatty Dreaming Snowglobe would make a wonderful gift this Christmas. Gently move the collectible figurine and watch the snowflakes gently fall around this pretty winter scene.

Snow globes are perfect gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings, Christenings and many other celebrations, they are lasting keepsakes and highly collectible reminders of those special times.
Tatty teddy is all dressed up for Christmas in the beautiful little Tatty Teddy Dressed as a Reindeer Snowglobe, with a little blue nose face poking out from under the reindeer face, it's a very cute Christmas gift or stocking filler.
On a Christmassy red snowflake decorated base and with Christmas themed packaging decorated with Snowflakes it's easy to wrap and put in someones stocking this Christmas.
I Love You

Don't save those three little words for Valentines day!
Tell someone you love them any day of the year with the very cute little Me to You Tatty Teddy I Love You Snowglobe. On a white base decorated with love hearts and I Love you in red, Tatty Teddy stands in the centre of the globe holding a big bunch of romantic Roses, a timeless symbol of love.

Tiny Tatty Teddy New Baby Globe is a beautiful gift to give to welcome a newborn baby into the world or to give to the proud Parents or Grandparents as a very special keepsake.
Tiny Tatty Teddy is standing in the centre with his little paws behind his back and his toy Giraffe beside him, the Globe is in pastel colours so is ideal to celebrate a baby Girl or a Baby Boy, on the base it has pastel patterns and the words "Little One".
See Three Little Bears for many more Snow Globes and Water Globes, beautiful gifts to treasure.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Jellycat Jellykittens and Accessories

Jellycat Catseye Fluffy Cat Zip Purse
Jellycat are well known for their quality soft toys suitable from birth upwards, but did you know they also make gorgeous purses?

If you are looking for a gift for a serious cat lover then look no further than this beautiful Jellycat Catseye Fluffy Cat Zip Purse, with a stunning photographic print of  a long-haired Cat looking up.
A purrfect accessory for a true cat lover of any age, keep your coins or other small items safe in your handbag in style.

The Jellycat Catseye Kokeshi Doll Purse is a bold bright pink decorated with Kokeshi Dolls of various sizes. A colourful cartoon style design.
Scottish Terrier Purse, Scottie Dog

Dog lovers will adore the stylish pink, blue and white Tartan Pattern on this delightful Jellycat Catseye Tartan Scottie Dog Purse, The little Scottie Dog (also known as an Aberdeen Terrier or Scottish Terrier) is a photographic image of this stunning breed printed onto the brightly coloured mixed shades of Tartan.
An ideal small gift for someone special.

For those that love the fun and funky check out the brilliant Jellycat catseye Flamingo Shower Hat, ideal for those that like something different!
Imagine you are away on your Summer Holidays and sing your heart out in the shower while wearing a shower cap decorated with tropical palm trees and pink Flamingos.
A fun and colourful gift.
Jellycat Chimboo Black Kitten

Super soft and cuddly with irresistible soft silky black fur is Chimboo a beautiful plush Jellycat Jellykitten looking for a home full of cuddles.
Suitable from Birth upwards with a cute little pink nose and soft velour pads in his ears Chimbo was designed to be hugged.
Cat lovers of all ages will fall in love with this lucky black cat.
Chimboo has a bottom full of beads to he can sit unaided.
See the full range of beautiful Jellycat gifts and toys for all ages at Three Little Bears.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Winter Cuddles with Baby Gund

Baby Safe Cuddly Rigley the Reindeer
Baby Gund have a beautiful range of soft plush toys designed especially with tiny babies in mind.
Even the youngest members of the family can celebrate Christmas with their very own winter themed plush toys from Baby Gund.
I know we've mentioned the gorgeous Rigley the Reindeer by Baby Gund before, but he's so adorable and is just looking for that very special person to snuggle up to this Christmas.
Do you have room in your stocking for a beautiful little Reindeer this Christmas?

Sitting at 18cm tall with super soft plush fur, Rigley is suitable from birth and being machine washable he's practical too.

New Born Reindeer Rattle, Aboo

Little Aboo is a tiny baby Reindeer, soft and cuddly with such a beautiful little baby face, Aboo is also a little rattle.

Aboo is just 15cm tall, perfect for tiny hands to learn to hold, with a soft plush cuddly body that gently rattles when he's moved. Aboo is an ideal gift for a very young baby. Gund Aboo Baby Rattle is also machine washable, so he will keep his good looks for some time.

Toby the Polar Bear by Baby Gund is a snowy white Polar Bear Cub wearing a little scarf for winter. Toby is 18cm tall and suitable from Newborn upwards.
My First Christmas Bear
This beautiful soft plush bear is also machine washable so it's easy to keep his luxurious soft fur clean and as white as a snowflake.

Especially for the magical first Christmas Gund Baby have created the adorable My 1st Christmas Bear. this beautiful bear has super soft white fur and is dressed in a little Father Christmas hat and a matching red and white scarf. On his chest are the words " My First Christmas" embroidered in red.
My 1st Christmas Bear is a traditional gift and  a wonderful keepsake to celebrate baby's very first Christmas.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Tatty Teddy Mobile Phone Charms

Tatty Teddy 2 part phone charm
Mobile phone charms are fun accessories to decorate your mobile phone, they can also be used as handbag and purse charms.
Ideal small gifts for friends family and loved ones.
Me to You Tatty Teddy Presents phone charms set features two separate Tatty Teddy Characters exchanging gifts, when placed side by side they just fit perfectly together, a thoughtful sentimental gift for that special friend that is always by your side.
One for you and one for them, or one could be used on a mobile phone, the other on a bag. Tatty Teddy Presents, for those that just fit together.
For old romantics Tatty Teddy is holding a huge bunch of red Roses, held beside the other Tatty Teddy is another perfect pair just look at how well this gorgeous couple just fit perfectly together on the special 2 piece Mobile phone charm gift set, Me to You Tatty Teddy Bunch of Roses. A thoughtful small gift perfect as a stocking filler, secret Santa, Valentines, Birthdays or just a little romantic gift to make someone special smile....

Sometimes you meet someone who really is the other half of you, you feel like you belong together, you fit together like two pieces of a puzzle.
Tatty Teddy takes that quite literally as these two cute Teddy Bears lock their puzzle pieces together in the very sweet little Me to You Tatty Teddy, You, Me, 2 Piece Mobile Phone charm.
Just because I Love You

At Three Little Bears we also have single mobile phone charms featuring the popular Tatty Teddy Bear that everyone loves.
Tatty Teddy is adorably cute holding a huge heart with the words I love you on the front in this gorgeous little PVC I Love You Tatty Teddy Mobile Phone Charm.

Tatty teddy is holding a bright blue butterfly in her little paws as she sits and admires her new friend on this cute Me to You Mobile Phone Charm Tatty teddy and the Butterfly.

All dressed up and ready for the Christmas Cheers is the beautiful Blue Nose Bear, Tatty Teddy dressed up as Father Christmas on the Tatty Teddy Christmas Mobile Phone Charm, just look at that cute little Santa outfit. A perfect small gift for Christmas.

Tatty Teddy does like fancy dress, have a look at our full range of mobile phone charms at Three Little Bears.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Yankee Christmas Candles and Gifts

Yankee Candle Diffuser gift set
Make Christmas shopping for gifts easier this year by shopping from the comfort of your own home at Three Little Bears. As well as our popular My Blue Nose Friends and Me to You Gifts we have a fantastic selection of the luxurious Yankee Candles.
See our Yankee Candles Christmas Range for some stylish and wonderful smelling Christmas themed Candles and gifts.
The Winter Wonderland Reed Diffuser Gift Set is a limited edition gift supplied in a festive red gift box and contains 16 mini reeds, a 29.5ml bottle of Balsam & Cedar reed oil and a pack of decorative stones and glass nuggets.
With a beautiful Christmas Tree and snow flake theme it's a perfect gift for Christmas.

Enjoy the sweet smell of fresh red apples with winter spices with the Yankee Candle Red Apple Wreath Candle in a large 22oz glass jar, described as a happy holiday homecoming with the festive aroma of sweet apples, cinnamon, walnuts and maple. The jar is decorated with a bright wreath full of apples on the label on the front. The large jars can burn for up to 150 hours making them excellent value for money, and a gift that can be enjoyed for hours on end.
Christmas Eve is a magical sugared plum fragrance, with pure, natural fruit extracts it's lusciously rich and uplifting, available in various sized Candles. The Jolly father Christmas riding in his sleigh over starry night skies adds to the Christmas themed magic making it perfect for the festive season.
Christmas Bells Jar gift set

Yankee Candles Christmas Bells small jar gift set is a delightful small gift, beautifully decorated with a festive theme. It contains a small jar of the delicious Red Apple Wreath and a candle shade decorated with Holly and Holly Berries.

Fill your home with the rich buttery, vanilla scented sugar cookie aroma of the Yankee Candle Christmas Cookies, it really does smell good enough to eat, and if you can bear to give it away as a Christmas gift, it's brightly coloured Christmas cookie design label is perfect for the festive season.
Click here for the full range of specially created Yankee Christmas Candles in stock at Three Little Bears.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Sterling Silver Jewellery Gifts for Loved ones

Stunning Silver and Mother of Pearl
Stunning Silver Jewellery, the perfect gift for any occasion, at Three little Bears we have some beautiful jewellery sets for the ones you love this Christmas, their Birthdays or just because you want to say "I love You".
Nothing says it better than the symbolic Love Heart, these beautiful Sterling Silver Heart Earrings have a Sterling Silver edge and a magnificent Mother of Pearl centre.
If you look in our necklace section you'll find a stunning Sterling Silver Snake Necklace with Mother of Pearl Heart that matches the earrings perfectly.
A stunning, classic but simple design perfect for a blushing Bride to wear on her wedding day, or as a romantic gift to give to a loved one is the beautiful Freshwater pearl Jewellery, the Necklace is a dainty 16" chain with a Freshwater Pearl and Cubic Zirconia pendant, a delicate and timeless design with equally beautiful matching Earrings.
The same classic design is also available with a pretty Purple Freshwater Pearl, either as Earrings or a Necklace.

Classic Freshwater Pearl Jewellery with that little extra sparkle and a delicate floral design set in stunning Sterling Silver can be found with the simple, yet beautiful dainty Daisy design, the centre of the flower is a Fresh Water Pearl and each daisy Petal is a sparkling Cubic Zirconia, a beautiful matching set can be found with a dainty Necklace and the pretty Stud Earrings.
If you look in our body jewellery section you can find a beautiful Daisy Design Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia Toe Ring. The centre of the Daisy is a pretty pink Cubic Zirconia and each petal is a sparkling clear Cubic Zirconia.

Icy Blue Topaz and Sterling Silver
The icy blue shine of Topaz always looks spectacular with sterling silver, just look at how well they compliment each other with the Silver and Blue Topaz Teardrop jewellery, made by Element, this stunning Teardrop design is available with matching earrings and necklace they are perfect with their icy winter colours, to give as gifts this Christmas.

Topaz is also the centrepiece of this beautiful contemporary design, a small swirl of Silver mounts the stunning blue Topaz on the pendant of this beautiful Silver and Topaz Necklace.
Add the final touch with the delicate matching Topaz and Silver Swirl Earrings.

There are many other stunning Silver Jewellery items in stock at Three Little Bears, perfect gifts for the ones you love.

Hello Kitty Gift Ideas

Hello Kitty Pencil Case at Three Little Bears
Hello Kitty is such a cute little white cat and is popular with all ages, if you loved our fantastic Hello Kitty Wall Art Stickers then we know that you'll love the Hello Kitty Character gifts and stationery at Three Little Bears.

The Hello Kitty Pink Lace Design Pencil Case has three pockets and a Hello Kitty Dangler hanging from the zipper.It also has three separate pockets and and a bold pink and black design, perfect for home, school or the office.

Mix and match stationery gifts, Hello Kitty Ball pens are fun and stylish and compliment the pencil cases perfectly, choose either the Hello Kitty Liberty Design Ball Pen or the Hello Kitty Lace Design Ball Pen with a little Hello Kitty Dangler.
The Hello Kitty Apple Liberty Design Pencil case features Hello Kitty with her little paw to her lips as though she's asking you to hush, such a sweet picture, and a perfect case to store your Hello Kitty goodies in.
Hello Kitty Pencils are available in the stunning pink and black lace design, with a handy little eraser on the end of the pencil and a sweet little Hello Kitty Dangler hanging from the top of the pencil,

The Hello Kitty Stationery Set includes a ball pen, pencil with eraser tip, roller eraser and double holed sharpener. In the stunning pink and black lace design. Perfect little stocking filler, small gift or an addition to the rest of the Hello Kitty collection.

Hello Kitty Stationery gift set
Come Rain or shine, every cat lover will adore the gorgeous Hello Kitty Telescopic Umbrella, take a look at that sweet little Kitty handle, a little Hello Kitty face to brighten up those rainy days. The top of the umbrella has a Hello Kitty Face on either side, she's wearing a pretty pink bow on her head and it says "Hello Kitty" in Pink writing under her face.
A must have accessory for every Hello Kitty fan.
Ideal gift for Christmas or Birthdays.
See our character gifts section at Three Little Bears for other popular characters and gifts for all the family.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Cozy Plush Microwaveable Warming, Soothing Cuddly Toys

Cuddly, Cozy Plush Brontosaurus
Traditional hot water bottles are not always practical, or safe, now you can eliminate the risk of scalding or leaks with these gorgeous cuddly creatures.
Cozy Plush Microwaveable Toys are suitable for all ages, simply warm your cuddly beast in the microwave for two minutes then enjoy the warmth and soothing Lavender aroma.

Children (and adults) love the cuddly creatures and with their soft, plush fur they are ideal to cuddle up to and relax with the comforting heat and soothing fragrance, no more messing about with hot water bottles, and with their bright colours and range of animals, they are sure to be popular cuddly companions for boys or girls.
Take a step back in time with the gorgeous Dinosaurs, choose from beasts such as the Cozy Plush Microwaveable Brontosaurus, he's a friendly, gentle giant that children love and being a vegetarian he's a harmless cuddly monster.
The Jurassic Stegosaurus is an armoured cuddly, but don't worry, his plates of armour are as soft as his fluffy fur.
Farmyard furries are also available, just look at the beautiful little Cozy Plush Huggy Duck, this little duckling loves to be cuddled, with soft plush down and a warm huggable body Huggy Duck is an ideal gift for Birthdays, Christmas and Easter.
This little Piggy does not make a mess, he's snugly and cuddly, perfect and pink, Cozy Plush Huggy Pig is such a cute little cuddly. Just two minuted in the microwave and he will warm you up in no time.
Huggy the Cow is another farmyard Cozy Plush character with soft black and white fur and a cosy huggable body to keep you warm, she's a perfect snuggle companion!

Counting Sheep is timeless advise that has been passed through generations as a way of helping you nod off to sleep. It's so much easier with the Cozy Plush Huggy Sheep, this little Lambs body is warm and cuddly and the soothing Lavender will soon relax you enough to quickly drift off into a blissful nights sleep.
Baby Pink Beddy Bear Cozy Plush Microwaveable toy

Intelex Microwaveable Cozy Plush Toys are also available as other cuddly creatures including this unusual but very sweet little Bumble Bee Cozy Plush character.
Cat lovers young and old will adore the popular 1970's Television character Bagpuss Plush microwaveable cuddly cat.

For the all time favourite cuddly toy you can also have a comforting warming cuddly Teddy Bear that also releases soothing a Lavender scent with the Cozy Plush Beddy Bear, available in Baby Pink and soft creamy Beige, with super soft fur and a war cuddly body Beddy Bear is a perfect bedtime companion.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Get Cozy in just 2 minutes at Three Little Bears

Bagpuss Cozy Slippers
Soothe tired and aching feet after a long hard day with the Cozy Body Range of microwaveable slippers at Three Little Bears.
These Beautiful Bagpuss Slippers will fit UK size 3 up to UK size 8.
Not only are they purrfect gifts for Bagpuss fans, they are also super soft, furry and comfortable.
Just warm these super furry slippers in a microwave for two minutes for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.
Fragranced with Lavender, soothing your senses as well as your feet.

Cozy Feet Slippers are available in various colours, super soft plush fur and will fit from a UK size 3 up to a UK size 8.Just warm them for 2 minutes in the microwave for the ultimate in warmth and relaxation.

Warmies Boot Slippers
Furry Warmers Hot Boots are super warm and cosy boot slippers, microwaveable, fragranced with Lavender, available in a range of colours and also have a grip sole for extra safety.

Warmies Hot Boots are not as super fluffy, but are just as cosy and snug as the Furry Warmers and also have a non slip sole. Available in a range of colours, there's something Cozy at Three Little Bears for everyone this Christmas.

Cozy Body microwaveable products are ideal Christmas or Birthday gifts, releasing soothing lavender to help you relax and giving gentle heat to ease aches and pains

Warmies Hot Pak

Warmies Hot Pak microwaveable pillows can be used on any part of the body, small and flexible they are easy to wrap around aching muscles or just to warm up on a cold day. A Brilliant alternative to a traditional hot water bottle.

Safer and so much cuddlier than a traditional hot water bottle, the Hot Bottle looks just like a traditional hot water bottle.
The difference is that it is
manufactured from luxuriously soft microsafe fabrics instead of rubber and that it is permanently filled with treated wheat grain to provide hours of soothing warmth and comfort. This Hot Bottle completely removes the risk of scalding and is much safer and easier to use then a traditional water filled bottle, particularly for the young or elderly.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

My Blue Nose Friends, All Cosy at Three Little Bears

All Cosy
My Blue Nose Friends story piece All Cosy is a beautiful, collectible figurine to give you that snug feeling through winter.
An ideal gift for Christmas or an essential addition to your won personal collection of My Blue Nose Friends collectibles, it features Peanuts, Pearl, Fluffy and Snuffle all getting ready to snuggle up together in a wonderful story time scene.
Handmade and highly-collectible, 'All Cosy With My Blue Nose Friends' is a figurine you'll treasure forever.

Other characters from the My Blue Nose Friends figurines that have a winter or Christmas theme include My Blue Nose Friends Jingle the Reindeer , waving his little hoof with a big smile on his face, this laid back Reindeer figurine comes in a stylish gift box with a fold out wardrobe leaflet.
Chilly is a a sweet little Penguin from the My Blue Nose Friends collection, he comes with a promise to twist you around his little flipper.
Spending Time with My Blue Nose Friends

Christmas is a time people like to get together spending quality time relaxing and having fun with family and friends.
My Blue Nose Friends symbolise these times of togetherness with a sprinkle of mischief in the beautiful story piece collectible figurine Spending Time.
It features Bracken and Thomas enjoying a game of peek-a-boo, while Dot and Digger are getting a little carried away in this wonderful story-time scene. But the Friends won’t be playing for much longer, because the grandfather clock shows it’s nearly time for bed.
Supplied in a pretty gift box, spending time is a perfect gift for loved ones this Christmas.

If you are stuck for idea for Christmas gifts don't forget we have a special Christmas Section at Three Little Bears making Christmas shopping even easier for you this Christmas.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Tatty Teddy Christmas Jewellery and Accessories

Tatty Teddy Christmas Bracelet
Planning a Christmas Party and looking for fun accessories to add to your outfit or looking for pretty little stocking fillers  for someone special?
At Three Little Bears we have a wide range of gifts for friends and family.
Me To You Tatty Teddy Christmas gifts include beautiful Tatty Teddy Jewellery.
Me to You Tatty Teddy enamel Bracelet features Tatty Teddy on a chain with a gold star and a sprig of Holly with berries.
Tatty Teddy looks so cute wearing his Santa hat and holding onto a traditional candy cane.
Also available are matching Tatty Teddy Enamel Earrings featuring Tatty Teddy in a Father Christmas Hat holding a candy stick.
Complete the look with the Me to You Tatty Teddy Enamel Necklace, with Tatty Teddy and the stripy candy cane. Who could resist the beautiful little Blue Nose Bear all ready for Christmas?

Tatty Teddy in his little Santa Hat holding a Candy Cane also features on the Pack of 6 Christmas Hair Bobbles and hair slides in our Tatty Teddy Christmas Gift Shop.

In a sparkling snowball that shimmers in the light, is the cute Tatty Teddy wearing a scarf and dressed up as a snowball with a little bell to add the Christmas Jingle every time the Mobile phone charm is moved,.
The Tatty Teddy Snowball Mobile Phone Charm can also be used as a handbag accessory or even hung on your tree.

The Tatty Teddy Gift Shop has other Mobile Phone charms available including the Me to You Tatty Teddy I Love You.
Tatty Teddy Snowball Mobile Phone Charm
Tatty holds a great big love heart in his little paws in this PVC phone charm, making it a perfect small gift for any occasion, not just Christmas!

Tatty Teddy is all dressed up for Christmas in his little Santa Suit in this Christmas themed mobile phone charm.

Tatty Teddy features on many other gift items perfect for Christmas in the Tatty Teddy snowglobes, photo frames, mugs and more section of Three Little Bears Gift Shop.

With socks, snuggly fleece blankets and comfy cushions you'll keep your loved ones well wrapped up this Christmas, with love, from Me to You.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Fun and Games with TY Beanie Moshi Monsters

Shi Shi Moshi Monster
TY Moshi Monster Beanies are beautiful plush toys based on the characters from the popular online game for young children.
Moshi Monsters is a fun and free online game for young children.  Once you adopt a Moshi Monster you have to care for it by solving puzzle games, which earn their monster virtual rewards called Rox.
Rox can be spent on virtual items like food, furniture and other treats.
Over time their monster will increase in level, be able to visit new locations in Monstro City, and earn all kinds of in-game rewards for playing.
Education is right at the heart of the Moshi Monsters experience. Every day your child's monster will create a series of fun puzzles that test everything from vocabulary and arithmetic to logic and spatial skills. The better your child does at these puzzles, the more Rox they'll earn to buy cool things for their monster. The difficulty level of the puzzles automatically calibrates each day, so puzzles get harder if they are doing well, and easier if they are struggling.
After a fun time learning, networking and playing with their own little Monster online, they'll love to collect and cuddle their very own Moshi Monster, they are available at Three Little Bears as cuddly plush TY Beanies that are as collectible as they are cuddly, they are extremely cute too!

Just look at little TY Moshi Monster Beanie Shi Shi, a beautiful Bean filled Moshi Monster.
Aah-choo! These eyelash-fluttering Moshlings are obsessed with watching Monstrovision but it makes that sneeze. Lots. Experts think they are allergic to pixels. Or maybe it's the wamwoo shoots they scoff by the bucket load. When they're not glued to the screen, Sneezing Pandas are usually fiddling with magical eye drops or scrunching up extra soft tissues.

Moshi Monster Squidge is a proper little Monster a furry Heebee, available at Three Little Bears as a gorgeous TY Plush Moshi Monster Beanie toy,
Super cute? A furry heebee's bite is worse than it's bark. That's because these flying moshlings are greedy bloodsuckers that flutter around at night hunting for juicy victims. When they can't find necks to nip, they'll settle for a nice mug of instant tomato soup with plenty of garlicy croutons.
Moshi Monster Purdy

Purdy is a pretty little TY Beanie Moshi Monster Huggishis that is a little too cuddly because she does like her food, she looks so pretty with her shaggy pink fur and blue bow in her hair.
Tubby Huggishis are highly huggable Moshlings that spend most days preening themselves and lounging about eating piles of pastry.
That's why most of them are a little on the large side. When they're not scoffing cakes, these shaggy felines enjoy giving advice to other Moshlings, dipping their paws in syrup and meow-ing to their friends about the price of lard.

Angel is a very Pretty little Skypony Unicorn, until recently, Angel SkyPonies were mentioned only in Moshi legend. But that was before a whole herd appeared, as if by magic, on a pink cloud, high above Mount Sillimanjaro. These heavenly creatures rarely visit ground level, but when they do they tell tales of a strange world in the sky where everything is soft and fluffy.
Angel is available at a TY Beanie Moshi Monster at Three Little Bears.
Honey Bunny

Honey Bunny Moshi Monster TY Beanie has a floppy ear, just like the other Funny Bunny Moshi Monsters, as a dedicated follower of fashion she's always up to date.
Funny bunnies are the best dressed Moshlings in town. When they're not busy texting jokes to their friends they can be found yacking about carrot cake, clothes and fur straighteners. Talking of straightening Funny Bunnies have one floppy ear. Experts think this is caused by listening to silly ringtones all day long.

The sleepy Snuffler Mr Snoodle TY Beanie Moshi Monster is one of the funny Snufflers.
Silly Snufflers are some of the sleepiest, snuffliest Moshlings around. Whenever they amble by, monsters can’t help but yawn and fall asleep on the spot, and that’s how Silly Snufflers manage to avoid being caught! By the time a monster has woken up, the Snufflers have managed to (slowly) get away. Foiled again – YAWN.

Moshi Monsters ideal stocking fillers this Christmas, introduce your child to the fun, educational brightly coloured world of Moshi Monsters with their very own cuddly TY Beanie collectible plush toy.