Friday, 16 December 2011

Unfrogettable Gund gifts that say I love you

Prince Kissalot Romantic Mug from Gund
Love is in the air! Maybe it's because we're surrounded by Mistletoe and the snow is starting to fall, thoughts of snuggling up by a warm fire with loved ones and enjoying the Christmas holidays keep us cosy on these cold Winter days.
It is always a good time to let people know you love them, be it Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines day or just to let them know you are thinking of them.

Gund have a great range of fun romantic gifts.
Un-FROGet-able is the message on the large red Prince Kissalot Gund Mug, on the top is a little Frog leaning over the side with a comical lovestruck expression on his little face.
Decorated with love hearts, it's a perfect gift for those unforgettable people in your life.
Prince Kissalot by Gund is also available off the mug,
Stuck on You plush magnetic Prince Kissalot Frog is holding a plush love heart in his hands and has a little red love heart on his froggy cheek.
Other Stuck on you magnetic characters are available including Stuck on You  King of Hearts Plush Lion.
With his majestic mane and cute features King of Hearts is a lovable cuddly king of the jungle that is sure to be a popular gift.
For Dog lovers, there's the cute white Stuck on You Puppy, pure white with a little Terrier face he's sure to melt your heart as he hands you his!

Ahhh Shucks Love You Goober Bear
Teddy Bears are gifts that are loved by all ages, little Brighton is a super soft plush Bear by Gund with Love embroidered on his feet, Brighton wears a ribbon around his neck with the word Love repeated all over the ribbon. Brighton Love Bear is from the Gund Today and Always Collection.

Ahh Shucks Love You is the message on a red love heart that Goober Bear by Gund brings in the little green envelope he's carrying.
Goober is a soft plush little bear with an inquisitive expression on his little face.
Goober Bear by Gund is a lovable cuddly character and an excellent messenger.
How could you not fall in love with him and his cute message of Love?

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