Sunday, 11 December 2011

Willow Tree Collectible, Sentimental Gifts

A Heart of Gold
It's the countdown to Christmas!
How do you do your Christmas gift shopping? Are you all ready and organised?
Or is it for you a last minute panic through crowds of busy shoppers?
Don't worry there is still time to do your Christmas shopping on line and avoid the bustle of the high street while staying warm and cosy indoors.
No matter who you are buying gifts for Willow Tree Figurines have something  to suit everyone.

Willow Tree Figurines are beautiful gifts for friends and family members each with their own sentimental meaning.

A Heart of Gold is just one of the beautiful figurines available, capturing so much emotion in the simple classic style Willow Tree are known and loved for.

Father and Son
Two Together is a delightful pair of toddler figurines, a beautiful gift for parents with Twins, or a perfect gift for one twin to give to their sibling, capturing precious moments of memories shared.
Willow Tree has captured the magic of those precious early years with these chubby little toddlers that just belong together, you can almost hear the chatter and gurgles of laughter coming from this beautiful pair. Inside the gift box is a card reading "Love in abundance".

Father and Son, captures a tender moment between Father and Son, as Dad kneels down beside his young Son, you can't help but imagine what they are talking about.
It's a beautiful snapshot of a treasured moment that everyone can relate to, those quiet special moments with those closest to your heart.

Mother and Son is another beautiful Willow Tree Figurine that captures that special bond. A Mother comforting her young Son in a hug while stroking his hair. A celebration of the love shared between a Mother and her Child.

Our Gift
Our Gift by Willow Tree is a perfect celebration of a new arrival in the family, the proud new parents enjoy a family cuddle as they both cradle their precious new born child.

Hold dear the promise of love, and celebrate those tender moments with Willow Trees Promise Figurine.
A Romantic and tender image as lovers hold each other, dancing together as they whisper promises of love. A Perfect gift for Christmas, Anniversaries, Weddings or to celebrate an Engagement.

Quietly by Willow Tree is a beautiful figurine of a woman a young child and a baby in her arms, you can imagine she's either telling them a story or singing to them both. She has her arm around the young childs waist as he reaches up to whisper in her ear or give her a kiss goondnight on the cheek, the baby sits happily on her lap gazing towards the older child.
A Beautiful gift for Mums, Aunties and Grandmothers, magical moments captured forever Willow Trees unique and beautiful style.

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