Saturday, 26 November 2011

Hello Kitty Gift Ideas

Hello Kitty Pencil Case at Three Little Bears
Hello Kitty is such a cute little white cat and is popular with all ages, if you loved our fantastic Hello Kitty Wall Art Stickers then we know that you'll love the Hello Kitty Character gifts and stationery at Three Little Bears.

The Hello Kitty Pink Lace Design Pencil Case has three pockets and a Hello Kitty Dangler hanging from the zipper.It also has three separate pockets and and a bold pink and black design, perfect for home, school or the office.

Mix and match stationery gifts, Hello Kitty Ball pens are fun and stylish and compliment the pencil cases perfectly, choose either the Hello Kitty Liberty Design Ball Pen or the Hello Kitty Lace Design Ball Pen with a little Hello Kitty Dangler.
The Hello Kitty Apple Liberty Design Pencil case features Hello Kitty with her little paw to her lips as though she's asking you to hush, such a sweet picture, and a perfect case to store your Hello Kitty goodies in.
Hello Kitty Pencils are available in the stunning pink and black lace design, with a handy little eraser on the end of the pencil and a sweet little Hello Kitty Dangler hanging from the top of the pencil,

The Hello Kitty Stationery Set includes a ball pen, pencil with eraser tip, roller eraser and double holed sharpener. In the stunning pink and black lace design. Perfect little stocking filler, small gift or an addition to the rest of the Hello Kitty collection.

Hello Kitty Stationery gift set
Come Rain or shine, every cat lover will adore the gorgeous Hello Kitty Telescopic Umbrella, take a look at that sweet little Kitty handle, a little Hello Kitty face to brighten up those rainy days. The top of the umbrella has a Hello Kitty Face on either side, she's wearing a pretty pink bow on her head and it says "Hello Kitty" in Pink writing under her face.
A must have accessory for every Hello Kitty fan.
Ideal gift for Christmas or Birthdays.
See our character gifts section at Three Little Bears for other popular characters and gifts for all the family.

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