Wednesday, 2 November 2011

New Additions to the Blue Nose Friends Gang

Needles the Woolly Mammoth
My Blue Nose Friends have just added four new characters to their collection.
Introducing Needles the Woolly Mammoth who is a bit of a comedian and adds laughter to the gang, don't worry about his name he may be called Needles but we can assure you he is as soft and cuddly as the rest of the plush Blue Nose Friends.

Alpine The Bernese Mountain Dog is an intelligent, loyal character who would do anything for you, and he always has time for cuddles.

Bengal is a beautiful white Tiger, she roars her way into your heart and is a purrfect addition to your Blue Nose Friends Collection.

Alpine the Bernese Mountain Dog
Quiver is a daring little Emperor Penguin, he has little blue feet to match his little blue beak, such a cute addition to the Me to You Blue Nose Friends collection.

There are so many beautiful creatures to choose from at Three Little Bears they are popular gifts for Children as well as collectors of the Me to You Blue Nose Friends characters by Carte Blanche greetings.

Perhaps your pet has a Blue Nose Friend just like them?
Are you crazy about Chinchillas? Snugs the Chinchilla would be a perfect gift for Chinchilla keepers. Snugs doesn't take up much room and is never too sleepy for a cuddle.
Peanuts the Hamster doesn't need a cage, she loves collecting things though and would love to complete your own Blue Nose collection.

Bengal the White Tiger
Essence the Skunk is such a pretty little girl, she's never to smelly to cuddle, her soft and swishy tail is almost as big as she is.

Alaska the Husky would make a perfect companion for Alpine the Bernese Mountain Dog, there's more dogs to at to the Blue Nose Friends gang at Three Little Bears, can you find them all?

Even Lizards are cuddly in the Blue Nose Friends collection, just look at little Gossip the Lizard, his tongue never stops wagging, but he's got plenty of time for hugs.

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