Saturday, 5 November 2011

Hello Kitty Wall Art Reuseable Stickers

Hello Kitty Rocking Horse
Create Hello Kitty adventures all around the home, decorate a bedroom, furniture or even doors, toy boxes and wheelie bins.
Wherever you'd like to add some colour or transform the look of a room it's easy with the Hello Kitty Wall Sticker Sets at Three Little Bears.
Hello Kitty is popular with all ages, from toddlers to teens and beyond, with the bold colourful prints and various adventures you can turn any room into your very own Hello Kitty story.
Hello Kitty Rocking Horse Wall Sticker Set features the popular white Kitten with a red bow in her hair playing on a rocking horse as the main large sticker, another features the little white cat standing, as well as a few tiny Hello Kitty faces, there is her friend the mouse, and another little Hello Kitty sitting down holding a red and white Mushroom.
Create Airborne adventures with the Hello Kitty Aeroplane Sticker Set, featuring the cute little cat flying in her own aircraft.. Stick it on the mirror or the window to look like Kitty is flying high in the sky!
Hello Kitty can guide the aircraft elsewhere in the room with the Hello Kitty Flags wall sticker set. Hello Kitty features holding a flag in each hand, wearing blue dungarees decorated with an Anchor on the front with a pink T-Shirt and matching pink and blue hat she really looks the part! There are three other Hello Kitty full body stickers in the set as well as a selection of little faces, allowing you to scatter the designs as far as you can.
Hello Kitty Pink Car sticker set

Keeping the transport theme is Hello Kitty Pink Car wall sticker set, featuring Hello Kitty in a pastel pink car, with darker pink wheels that match the pink bow by her ear, with a funky purple bumper she really looks ready to go.
Kitty is joined in this set by her friend the Bear, Bear is on the telephone while elsewhere Hello Kitty is sitting down with a little green watering can. Perhaps she's maintaining grass between the runways at the airport. The story is all yours, make Hello Kitty adventures to suit your own imagination!

Get musical with either Hello Kitty Xylophone or Piano Sticker sets featuring the cute Kitty character making music with her cartoon friends.

See our complete range at Three Little Bears colourful stickers stationary, collectible cuddlies and gifts for the whole family.

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