Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Beautiful Christmas Nativity and Musical Willow Tree Figurines

Willow Tree Nativity
Willow Tree  are well known for their sentimental, affectionate and loving figurines, each figure symbolises a tender moment that the artist has captured beautifully with just their body language giving deep and meaningful expression.
The way the faces tilt, the placement of the hands captures a moment we can relate to, a memory of loved ones, happy times and family events.
Susan Lordi has managed to capture all the traditional magic of love and Christmas with her beautiful Nativity and Angel figurines.

The Holy Family is a beautiful piece, a perfect gift for loved ones at Christmas, and a stunning centrepiece for a Nativity display.
Mary cradles new born baby Jesus in her arms while Joseph lovingly watches over them with his arms protecting them instinctively.
A beautiful celebration of life, the card inside reads "a child is born".

Bright Star is a musical Angel Willow Tree figurine, a beautiful Angel with delicate gold Lacy wings is carefully holding a star in her hands, just wind the mechanical base gently and Bright Star plays O Du Frohliche. The card inside reads "Reflecting a Light From Within."

With her hands pressed together in gentle prayer wearing a dress that looks just like a tree this beautiful Angel is also musical, just twist the base and listen to the beautiful sound of Amazing Grace.
A very special gift this Christmas, A Tree, A Prayer by Willow Tree is sure to become a family heirloom.

Capturing those very precious first days of a brand new life, Guardian is a stunning figurine of a new Mother sitting down cradling her new born child in her arms, you can almost imagine her absorbing every tiny detail of her precious new born, as she kisses her child's forehead.
The baby is snuggled up and swaddled in a blanket, sleeping soundly.
Guardian by Willow Tree is also musical, just gently turn the base and Guardian plays Brahms' Lullaby, the card that comes with Guardian reads "Love and Protect thee, forever."

A beautiful gift for anyone celebrating a brand new life, at Christmas or any other time.
A Wonderful gift for new Mothers, Aunties and Grandmothers, capturing those very first moments in an eternal loving cuddle.

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