Thursday, 24 November 2011

Cozy Plush Microwaveable Warming, Soothing Cuddly Toys

Cuddly, Cozy Plush Brontosaurus
Traditional hot water bottles are not always practical, or safe, now you can eliminate the risk of scalding or leaks with these gorgeous cuddly creatures.
Cozy Plush Microwaveable Toys are suitable for all ages, simply warm your cuddly beast in the microwave for two minutes then enjoy the warmth and soothing Lavender aroma.

Children (and adults) love the cuddly creatures and with their soft, plush fur they are ideal to cuddle up to and relax with the comforting heat and soothing fragrance, no more messing about with hot water bottles, and with their bright colours and range of animals, they are sure to be popular cuddly companions for boys or girls.
Take a step back in time with the gorgeous Dinosaurs, choose from beasts such as the Cozy Plush Microwaveable Brontosaurus, he's a friendly, gentle giant that children love and being a vegetarian he's a harmless cuddly monster.
The Jurassic Stegosaurus is an armoured cuddly, but don't worry, his plates of armour are as soft as his fluffy fur.
Farmyard furries are also available, just look at the beautiful little Cozy Plush Huggy Duck, this little duckling loves to be cuddled, with soft plush down and a warm huggable body Huggy Duck is an ideal gift for Birthdays, Christmas and Easter.
This little Piggy does not make a mess, he's snugly and cuddly, perfect and pink, Cozy Plush Huggy Pig is such a cute little cuddly. Just two minuted in the microwave and he will warm you up in no time.
Huggy the Cow is another farmyard Cozy Plush character with soft black and white fur and a cosy huggable body to keep you warm, she's a perfect snuggle companion!

Counting Sheep is timeless advise that has been passed through generations as a way of helping you nod off to sleep. It's so much easier with the Cozy Plush Huggy Sheep, this little Lambs body is warm and cuddly and the soothing Lavender will soon relax you enough to quickly drift off into a blissful nights sleep.
Baby Pink Beddy Bear Cozy Plush Microwaveable toy

Intelex Microwaveable Cozy Plush Toys are also available as other cuddly creatures including this unusual but very sweet little Bumble Bee Cozy Plush character.
Cat lovers young and old will adore the popular 1970's Television character Bagpuss Plush microwaveable cuddly cat.

For the all time favourite cuddly toy you can also have a comforting warming cuddly Teddy Bear that also releases soothing a Lavender scent with the Cozy Plush Beddy Bear, available in Baby Pink and soft creamy Beige, with super soft fur and a war cuddly body Beddy Bear is a perfect bedtime companion.

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