Thursday, 3 November 2011

Beautiful Blue Nose Friends Feature Figurines

Sue She The Pelican
Great news for fans of My Blue Nose Friends Feature Figurines, just in time for Christmas the prices of these beautiful figures has been reduced!
Each Figurine is packaged in a stylish Blue Nose Friends Gift Box with a fold out Wardrobe leaflet with a description of their character.
 The latest additions at Three Little Bears are now in stock.

My Blue Nose Friend Sue She the Pelican is always fishing for something . . . but she’ll never cast doubt over your friendship. She's gently carrying a little pink fish in her huge beak, a great symbol of unusual friendship.

Limited Edition, Stilts at Three Little Bears
Webster the Spider from My Blue Nose Friends has captured your thoughts in his web to always have your imagination in a spin. Webster has lots of arms for cuddles.
The loyal Labrador is captured in the cute puppy figurine My Blue Nose Friends Goldie the playful Labrador who always likes to be a good sport . . . he’ll do anything to score brownie points with you.

Beautiful Pink Flamingo, Stilts  is a limited edition, there are only 1500 available, so if you want to own this beautiful little bird, you had better be fast! Me to You Blue Nose Friends Figurine Stilts is a patient flamingo who will always keep you in suspense . . . but don’t worry, she’ll never stand you up.

Giggles by name, Giggles by Nature with My Blue Nose Friends Giggles the Baboon Figurine. He's a cheeky baboon who loves to play jokes . . . but don’t worry, he won’t leave any banana skins for you.
My Blue Nose Friends Piano Tinkling

My Blue Nose Friends Story Piece Piano Tinkling features four Blue Nose Friends making music together with Goldie sleeping under Websters feet while Giggles hangs off the top of the Piano being watched by Sue She from the top.
A Beautiful large collectible figurine you will want to treasure forever.

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