Sunday, 13 November 2011

Fun and Games with TY Beanie Moshi Monsters

Shi Shi Moshi Monster
TY Moshi Monster Beanies are beautiful plush toys based on the characters from the popular online game for young children.
Moshi Monsters is a fun and free online game for young children.  Once you adopt a Moshi Monster you have to care for it by solving puzzle games, which earn their monster virtual rewards called Rox.
Rox can be spent on virtual items like food, furniture and other treats.
Over time their monster will increase in level, be able to visit new locations in Monstro City, and earn all kinds of in-game rewards for playing.
Education is right at the heart of the Moshi Monsters experience. Every day your child's monster will create a series of fun puzzles that test everything from vocabulary and arithmetic to logic and spatial skills. The better your child does at these puzzles, the more Rox they'll earn to buy cool things for their monster. The difficulty level of the puzzles automatically calibrates each day, so puzzles get harder if they are doing well, and easier if they are struggling.
After a fun time learning, networking and playing with their own little Monster online, they'll love to collect and cuddle their very own Moshi Monster, they are available at Three Little Bears as cuddly plush TY Beanies that are as collectible as they are cuddly, they are extremely cute too!

Just look at little TY Moshi Monster Beanie Shi Shi, a beautiful Bean filled Moshi Monster.
Aah-choo! These eyelash-fluttering Moshlings are obsessed with watching Monstrovision but it makes that sneeze. Lots. Experts think they are allergic to pixels. Or maybe it's the wamwoo shoots they scoff by the bucket load. When they're not glued to the screen, Sneezing Pandas are usually fiddling with magical eye drops or scrunching up extra soft tissues.

Moshi Monster Squidge is a proper little Monster a furry Heebee, available at Three Little Bears as a gorgeous TY Plush Moshi Monster Beanie toy,
Super cute? A furry heebee's bite is worse than it's bark. That's because these flying moshlings are greedy bloodsuckers that flutter around at night hunting for juicy victims. When they can't find necks to nip, they'll settle for a nice mug of instant tomato soup with plenty of garlicy croutons.
Moshi Monster Purdy

Purdy is a pretty little TY Beanie Moshi Monster Huggishis that is a little too cuddly because she does like her food, she looks so pretty with her shaggy pink fur and blue bow in her hair.
Tubby Huggishis are highly huggable Moshlings that spend most days preening themselves and lounging about eating piles of pastry.
That's why most of them are a little on the large side. When they're not scoffing cakes, these shaggy felines enjoy giving advice to other Moshlings, dipping their paws in syrup and meow-ing to their friends about the price of lard.

Angel is a very Pretty little Skypony Unicorn, until recently, Angel SkyPonies were mentioned only in Moshi legend. But that was before a whole herd appeared, as if by magic, on a pink cloud, high above Mount Sillimanjaro. These heavenly creatures rarely visit ground level, but when they do they tell tales of a strange world in the sky where everything is soft and fluffy.
Angel is available at a TY Beanie Moshi Monster at Three Little Bears.
Honey Bunny

Honey Bunny Moshi Monster TY Beanie has a floppy ear, just like the other Funny Bunny Moshi Monsters, as a dedicated follower of fashion she's always up to date.
Funny bunnies are the best dressed Moshlings in town. When they're not busy texting jokes to their friends they can be found yacking about carrot cake, clothes and fur straighteners. Talking of straightening Funny Bunnies have one floppy ear. Experts think this is caused by listening to silly ringtones all day long.

The sleepy Snuffler Mr Snoodle TY Beanie Moshi Monster is one of the funny Snufflers.
Silly Snufflers are some of the sleepiest, snuffliest Moshlings around. Whenever they amble by, monsters can’t help but yawn and fall asleep on the spot, and that’s how Silly Snufflers manage to avoid being caught! By the time a monster has woken up, the Snufflers have managed to (slowly) get away. Foiled again – YAWN.

Moshi Monsters ideal stocking fillers this Christmas, introduce your child to the fun, educational brightly coloured world of Moshi Monsters with their very own cuddly TY Beanie collectible plush toy.

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