Sunday, 30 October 2011

Christmas Greetings Cards with Love from Me to You

Wonderful Mummy Tatty Teddy Christmas Card
Three Little Bears has a wonderful range of Me to You Tatty Teddy Blue Nose Bear character Christmas Cards.
There is a card suitable for everyone, with beautiful photographic or cartoon prints.
To a Wonderful Mummy at Christmas features Tatty Teddy wearing a Santa hat and  holding a traditional Christmas pudding.
To a Wonderful Mum is another bright photographic printed card featuring Tatty Teddy wearing a Santa hat while putting a carefully wrapped present on the Christmas Tree.

For your Daughter, Tatty Teddy is featured on this cartoon card snuggled up to a Red Nose Reindeer, the little Reindeer's nose is a red heart. A very cute image of these popular characters snuggled up cuddling in the snow.
Special Daughter Christmas Card features Tatty Teddy Dressed up as Santa, inside is a beautiful verse.
Christmas is about happiness, smiles and endless fun You're a gorgeous daughter who's all these things rolled into one Lots of Love at Christmas
For a Special Dad Tatty Teddy features on this cute cartoon printed card dressed in his Santa hat struggling to carry a box bursting with Christmas goodies.
Tatty Teddy is building a snowman in the snow on the gorgeous photographic printed card for a Wonderful Daddy. Snow falls all around them , Tatty Teddy is wearing a Santa hat, and just look at that big happy smile on the Snowman's face!

Dressed up as father Christmas, checking his list of all the good children Tatty Teddy features on this card for a Wonderful Son.
Happy Christmas Mum and Dad

For Mum and Dad, a snowman holds a sign with the Christmas message decorated in Holly and Tinsel while two Tatty Teddy Bears look in through the snowy window.

There is a Tatty Teddy Christmas card in stock for all of your loved ones, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Parents, Grandparents, Partners, Children, Grandchildren, Siblings, Uncles and  Aunties.

With cute designs and sentimental verse, you can spread the Christmas cheer to all your family and friends Tatty Teddy Style!

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