Thursday, 6 October 2011

Those Three Little Words

Tatty Teddy, Sew in Love
I love you, three little words that mean so much.
Tatty Teddy helps you say it in an unforgettable way, for any occasion, as a gift, or just because you want someone to know how you feel.
A Tatty Teddy Figurine lasts so much longer than a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates, with their little patchwork bodies and cute blue noses, they look lovely where ever you display them and are every day reminders of the sentiment behind the gift, so say I love you to someone special today.

Sew in Love is a beautifully detailed figurine, Tatty Teddy is holding the word "Love" in  his or her little paws.

With all my Heart Tatty Teddy is standing up holding out a big pink heart and carrying a single red Rose, so Romantic Tatty! Don't wait for Valentines day, say I love you now.

Fly on the Wings of Love with Tatty Teddy dressed as a little pink Bumble Bee with heart shape boppers on her head. Warm their hearts with Me to You Tatty Teddy Heart warmer, a lovely figurine of Tatty Teddy sitting town holding a beautiful covered pink and blue heart.

Me to You Sketchbook Figurines have been cast from an original handmade design and are individually complimented by a sketch drawn certificate, all of which have been uniquely created and signed by lead artist Steve Mort-Hill showing his original workings of the piece.
Each sculpture has its own unique name forming part of a sentiment driven verse, and is beautifully presented within a satin finished box.
A beautiful way to say I love you, lets stay together, forever I'm holding on to you.
Each piece a beautiful grey sketchbook Teddy holding a blue heart in various poses and situations.
For old Romantics and cuddly collectors, say I love you with a plush Me to You Tatty Teddy Bear For the One I love is a beautiful plush Tatty Teddy wearing a T shirt that says "One I Love".
There's currently a special offer on the gorgeous 16 inch Plush Tatty Teddy from Me to You holding a large heart in it's paws with the words "Hugs and Kisses".
I Love you is easy to say with Me to You.

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