Thursday, 20 October 2011

Give cuddles this Christmas with Me to You

Hugs and Kisses
With their soft plush fur and super soft bodies Me to You Tatty Teddies are perfect gifts for loved ones of all ages.
There are all sorts of loving messages, some for specific family members, others suitable for all.
Hugs and Kisses is the message that comes with the 16" Tatty Teddy holding a red heart in his little paws.

To Celebrate Babies first Christmas Tiny Tatty Teddy is presented in a cute gift bag with a picture of Tiny Tatty Teddy writing a letter to Santa.
For your Son, Daughter, Nephew, Niece or any other special little ones in your life Tiny Tatty Teddy comes wearing a T shirt with the message Special Little Boy or Special Little Girl.

Tatty Teddy holds a String of Hearts that say I Love You This Much to give the message to a loved one with a cuddly character they'll adore.
So sweet in a little bobble hat, all cosy and snug for Winter, Tatty Teddy has a message for your Special Daughter.
If you have more than one Special Daughter, don't worry, there's enough Tatty Teddies for them all! Wearing a cosy jumper Tatty Teddy Lovely Daughter is holding a heart shape tag with Lovely Daughter on it.
There's also a Tatty Teddy for Grandma, Daddy, Mummy, Special Friends, Special Sister, Niece, Auntie and everyone else!.

Let your Girlfriend know how much you love her with a special message from Tatty Teddy.

Beautiful Girlfriend
Beautiful Girlfriend Tatty Teddy is peeking through a heart, on the heart is a sweet little tag with the words "Beautiful Girlfriend" How could she not fall in love?

Let her know she's special with Tatty Teddy, Special Girlfriend Heat Bear is holding a big Red Heart in his paws.
The Gorgeous Girlfriend Tatty Teddy is all snuggled up in a cosy big hoodie jumper, just waiting to be cuddled.

Feeling the chill a little bit is Tatty Teddy Special Girlfriend wearing earmuffs with a little tag on his neck that says Special Girlfriend, he's sure to warm her heart.
Me to You Tatty Teddy is holding a macho Blue Heart for a Special Boyfriend. A lovely gift for the Man in your life.
If you want to send massive hugs to somebody special the Me to You 20 inch Tatty Teddy comes with A Great Big Hug From Me To You, a beautiful large and very huggable bear wearing a big Winter jumper and boots.

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