Friday, 14 October 2011

Romance is in the air with Christmas Rose and Mistletoe

Yankee Candle Jar, Christmas Rose
Roses and Candlelight, both timeless essentials for Romantic nights in.
Make time for special nights in with Yankee Candles.
Let the candlelight soften the mood and the wonderful fragrance of Yankee Candles fill the air, enjoy the new Yankee Candle Christmas Rose scent, delicate Rose Petals and a hint of Pine fill the air as the candle gives a gentle glow creating the perfect ambiance to help set the mood.
How about some Mistletoe and Fig for a traditional Romantic Christmas? Immerse yourself in the rich Christmas aromas of crisp evergreen and sweet figs with sugar and vanilla.

Yankee Candles Tea lights are also available in the gorgeous Christmas fragrances, with a lovely selection including Christmas Rose, Christmas Tree, the sweet Christmas Vanilla Cupcake with sweet buttery icing, and the juicy Cherry with Sweet Almonds, Cherries On the Snow.

Tatty Teddy Ceramic Tea light Holder
At Three Little Bears we have beautiful Tea light Holders from Me to You, they are perfect to hold your Yankee Candle Tea lights in.

The Tatty Teddy Ceramic Tea light holder is perfect for those romantic nights with the cute Tatty Teddy and love heart design.

Tatty Teddy stands beside the Tea light in this lovely Tatty Teddy tea light holder, he's wearing a cosy jumper and scarf and holding his paws out to the flame to get them warm.

Or Light up the Night, with Tatty Teddy as she sits by the fire warming her little paws, still wearing her hat and scarf with her boots taken off and at her side.

Mix and match Tatty Teddies and Yankee Candles to make imaginative and thoughtful Christmas gifts.

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