Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Teddy Bigfoot

Teddy Bigfoot is from the makers of Me to You, He is an adorable brown bear with enormous size 10 feet!, he is soft and cuddly and his fan base is growing all the time, with a lot of Me to You collectors also collecting Teddy Bigfoot.

You can find the official Bigfoot website here

Heavenly Jewellery have been stocking teddy Bigfoot for quite a while and have noticed the bears popularity increasing, we have just taken delivery of brand new designs and we are busy upoloading them to our site.

The Story of the bear with the BIG Feet!

There's a teddy bear, I want you to meet, But whatever you do, Don't mention his feet. Just be polite And try not to stare At the enormous size 10's Of this cute little bear. By some freak of nature He was given these "plates" And so he's a loner With no friends or mates So he prays all night To the stars above "Please send me someone Who might give me love !" Now please don't laugh This story is true Will he find love? Will it be you?.


Foil Play said...

What a cutie :-D

Anonymous said...

i own him :)

Anonymous said...

i own him :) he's very cute had him since a kid

Anonymous said...

He is very cute and has made lots of friends

Anonymous said...

he is very cute and has mado lots of friends