Thursday, 26 February 2009

Travel Pillowheads

Just in Travel Pillowheads, the perfect companion for a child when travelling.

Travel Pillow Heads™ are a fantastic new range of innovative Soft Toys that quickly and easily convert into super soft furry pillows!
There are six great new designs to choose from with a simple flip of the Velcro strap Pillow Heads™ flatten out to become a luxuriously soft Pillow, suitable for all ages

Available as a Ladybird, Pig, Monkey, Duck, Puppy & Sheep

Available at Heavenly Jewellery at a great price of £9.95

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Foil Play said...

Wow, so cute - I want one :-D

Sheffy said...

What a great idea. A much nicer version of the old "comfort blanket!"

Michelle x said...

glad you like them, they are so soft and cuddly, and a must for traveling :-)