Friday, 2 September 2011

Comfort Blankets and huggable soothers from Jellycat

Jellycat Peejay Puppy Soother
Comfort Blankets and cuddly soothers are perfect gifts for Newborn babies and toddlers.
Many young babies soon become attached to a favorite toy or cot blanket, wanting to take it with them everywhere they go and insisting on it close to hand whenever they are tired.
If your little one wants to carry a full size blanket, it can be a bit of a problem, anyone that can remember Linus Van Pelt can relate to the problems a full size blanket can bring!

Jellycat have a wonderfully cute and cuddly selection of Comfort blankets and soothers, not only are they cute to look at, they are easy to wash, store, travel with, and replace if lost.
Suitable from Birth, they are soft, safe and easy for tiny hands to hold, either as a small cuddle blanket or a snuggly animal shape soother.

Baby Boys will love the Jellycat Peejay Puppy Soother, with his ultra soft velour flat body, he's perfect to snuggle up to, or if you would prefer a comfort blanket designed for little hands, Jellycat have the gorgeous multi-colour Maypole Elephant soother,  and the very cute Jellycat squeaky Moo stripey soother comfort blanket.
Jellycat Peejay Bunny Soother

For Baby Girls Three Little Bears have the soft velour pink Bunny with flat body Jellycat Peejay Pink Bunny Soother, or if you'd prefer a cuddle blanket, the Jellycat Maypole Pony is beautiful with the brightly coloured edges and multi-coloured Pony and pretty pink blanket it's sure to be a favourite with any little girl.
There's a Squeaky Moo Soother for girls too, pretty pink and white stripes with a cuddly squeaky Moo Cow on the corner.
Perfect gifts for Newborns, comforting, cuddly gifts made for snuggling up to.

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