Monday, 26 September 2011

Have a very Happy Tatty Teddy Christmas

Reach for the Stars with Tatty Teddy
The lovable Tatty Teddy is preparing for Christmas at Three Little Bears, celebrate with your favourite character in various poses with the Tatty Teddy Collectible figurines.

Daddy Tatty Teddy (or is it Grandad?) is helping Tiny Tatty Teddy add the finishing touch to their beautifully decorated Christmas tree on the stunning Reach For the Stars figurine.
Just look at the detail of this stunning figure, the larger tatty Teddy is wearing a knitted Holly leaf and Holly Berry Jumper while Tiny Tatty Teddy is also wearing a Christmassy red knitted jumper, as he climbs on Daddy Tatty Teddy's head to reach over as far as he can and place the gold star at the very top of the tree.
The Christmas Tree is stunning with it's red beads and red and gold baubles.
It would make a wonderful gift for any collector of  Me to You Tatty Teddy Collectible figures this Christmas.

Me to You Tatty Teddy If the Shoe Fits Christmas Tree Figurine adds that little extra touch of cuteness to your festive theme. Tatty Teddy is dressed in a beautiful pink Ballgown and is holding a crystal slipper, little Tatty Teddy Cinderella, look at her little face as she wonders if the shoe really will fit.

Guardian Angel Tree Topper

Me to You Tatty Teddy can be the star of the show this Christmas with the beautiful Me to You Tatty Teddy Guardian Angel Tree Topper.
Wearing her gorgeous Angel Dress, a gold tiara and with gorgeous Angel wings, Tatty Teddy holds a magic wand, she'll sit at the top of your tree ready to cast a spell over you for a very magical Christmas.

Brighten up the darker evenings with Tatty Teddy Light up the Night Tea light holder.
Tatty Teddy sits in the snow wearing a bobble hat and scarf, she's taken off her welly boots to warm her little paws by the little fire beside a log keeping her warm, the tealight sits in the little ring of stones creating the fire for Tatty Teddy.

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