Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Tender moments with Willow Tree Figurines

Willow Tree Brother and Sister
Willow Tree figurines capture special moments and close bonds beautifully.
Perfect gifts for loved ones, family and friends.
You can read more about the Willow Tree story on an earlier blog post.

Brother and Sister is a figurine of two young children sitting together, are they deep in thought or deep in conversation? The interpretation is yours.
The little girl holds her head in her hands, looking at her Brother while he gazes at the floor.

Brothers is a beautiful figurine capturing the bond between a little boy and his older brother, the youngster looking up at his older brother, who has his hands on his younger siblings shoulders.
Willow Tree tells every family story, through generations.

Home figurine is a beautiful symbol of new beginnings, a young man cuddles his expectant partner, while the young woman places her hand gently on her pregnancy bump.
The celebration of a brand New Life is captured in the New Life figurine as a proud Mother and Father gaze at their beautiful New Born Child.
Willow Tree New Life

Grandmother holds her new Grandchild, then later, With My Grandmother, a young girl sits cuddled up to her Grandmother who has her hand held out as though she is passing on some sage advice to her young Granddaughter.

Happiness is captured with a girl dancing, with her arms outstretched while little Blue Birds perch on her arms.

Congratulations are given as a child holds a balloon high in the air, the balloon says "Congrats"
Making it perfect for any celebration.

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