Thursday, 8 September 2011

Relax with Yankee Candles Aromatherapy Spa

Yankee Candle Tumbler
At Three Little Bears we have a wonderful selection of Yankee Candle products.
Candles are always popular gifts with colours, designs and scents to suit all tastes, but to really De-stress and unwind, spoil yourself with one of our products from the Yankee Candle Aromatherapy Spa collection.
Set your perfect mood anytime with the proven restorative powers of Aromatherapy Spa™ from Yankee Candle. Guided by ancient knowledge and modern research, master aromatherapists have carefully created this special blend of pure essential oils, the most potent form of a plant's aroma.

The Yankee Candle Aromatherapy Spa Lavender and Ylang Ylang 12.5oz tumbler burns for 70 - 80 hours! With soothing lavender, uplifting ylang-ylang and balancing geranium calm nerves and stabilize mood.
Or relax with the Yankee Candle Aromatherapy Spa Shea Butter and Cedar wood tumbler, nourishing Shea butter and balancing cedar wood help relieve stress and soothe your soul.This 12.5oz tumbler also burns for 70- 80 hours.
Yankee Candle Fragrance Oil

Soothe your cares away with Yankee Candle Aromatherapy Spa Fragrance oils.
you can enjoy a new kind of spa experience with Yankee's home fragrance oils ... the purest, most concentrated form of fragrance.
Use in a oil warmer with an unscented tea light to create the perfect mood in just minutes ... it's the fastest way to fill a room with fragrance.

With Yankee Candle  Aromatherapy Spa  Sage & White Tea Fragrance Oil - True Bliss experience a cooling sage and strengthening white tea clear away anxieties and lift the spirits.

There are many more to choose from, why not have a browse and really spoil your senses, you deserve it!

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