Thursday, 15 September 2011

Soothing soft toys for warmth and comfort

Cuddle up to Bagpuss
Soothing, warming and comforting heat packs have been used for generations, traditional but cumbersome hot water bottles can leak, split or even scald.
At Three Little Bears we have a wonderful collection of plush microwave bears, not only are they safer to use, but they are also filled with herbal soothing Lavender, used for centuries to aid sleep, relaxation and stress.

With many styles, colours and characters to choose from, we have a microwavable products to suit almost every ones tastes.

Cozy Plush Microwavable Soft Toys are ideal for children with the super soft fur, they are cuddly and sure to become a favorite cuddly companion in no time.
just pop one into the microwave for 2 minutes to heat and release the soothing Lavender aroma.
Bagpuss, the lovable stripey cat is perfect for Bagpuss fans and collectors, cat lovers or anyone that loves Retro style.
We've even got the Clangers! The popular little Alien characters from the 1970's are available in either red or Blue.

The Beddy Bear is a traditional style Teddy Bear and is available in either pale brown or pretty pink.

Stegosaurus Dinosaur
Going even further back in time, we have Dinosaurs, with their bright colours and cute features they are sure to be popular with boys and girls.

For Animal lovers there are Cozy Plush Microwavable Bears of all types including  Seals, cuddly Elephants, Polar Bears, Ducklings, Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Pigs, Sheep and Cows.

Brightly Coloured Ladybirds and Bumble Bees are also available.

For the full range, see our Microwavable Bears and Cozy Body section of Three Little Bears.

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