Friday, 2 September 2011

Tatty Teddy gifts and accessories

Tatty Teddy Softly Drawn Make up bag
Tatty Teddy is more than just a cuddly Teddy Bear! Fans of this lovable character will love the gifts and accessories available with Tatty Teddy being the main theme.
Surround yourself with irresistibly cute Tatty Teddies
Tatty Teddy Softly drawn make up bag is so cute with the little Blue Nosed Bear looking right at you, there is also a matching Tatty Teddy Softly Drawn compact mirror, a Tatty Teddy Softly drawn zip up coin purse, and a beautiful little Tatty Teddy Softly drawn photo frame.
The Tatty Teddy softly drawn Cup and Saucer is beautiful with it's pastel colours of the flowers surrounding the lovely little Me To You Tatty Teddy Blue Nose Bear.

Tatty Teddy Pink Butterfly coin purse
Tatty Teddy is Surrounded by pretty pink Butterflies on the Tatty Teddy pink Butterflies zip up coin purse.

The Tatty Teddy Pink Square cushion or pillow is beautiful to give as a gift to any loved one of any age, perfect for a pink themed room, with Tatty Teddy on one side, a love heart on the other side and the words "Me to You" between them, it's subtle message of love suits any occasion.
Tatty Teddy Umbrellas are ideal for those that like to spend a lot of time outside, complete the look with the pretty pastel Me to You Baby Pink Wallet
with Velcro fastening, zip compartments on both the back and in the inside, there are credit card sections, a photo section, & a cash notes section, it's ideal for everyday use.
Music lovers will love the Me To You Earphones decorated with a small Tatty Teddy Face, a perfect gift to go with the  Me To You pink Ipod/MP3/mobile phone holder.

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